WCSTools Revision History

WCSTools 3.9.7
26 April 2022
Program Changes
  • fileroot: Add -3 - -6 to drop more extensions (2021-07-02)
  • fixhead: New program based on cphead (2021-10-14)
  • getdate: Add -m option to output English month abbreviation, not number (2021-06-11)
  • getdate: Allow fractional day subtraction (and addition) with -s (2021-07-08)
  • getpix: Add -x argument to pull pixel values from the same extension of multiple files (2021-02-10)
  • getpix: Fix bug when reading filename(s) from command line (2021-03-17)
Subroutine Changes
  • catutil.c: If keyword is surrounded by brackets, keep them. (2021-07-06)
  • catutil.c: Move range and string-parsing subroutines to fileutil.c (2021-08-05)
  • catutil.c: Move polynomial-fitting to fileutil.c (2022-02-01)
  • dateutil.c: Add fd2mfd() to replace month number with month name (2021-06-11)
  • dateutil.c: Add hjd2lst() for rvtools. (2021-06-11)
  • dateutil.c: Add lt2mfd() for logging time in RVTools (2021-07-27)
  • fileutil.c: Add range, aget*, and polynomial subroutines from catutil.c (2021-08-31)
  • fileutil.c: Add agetw() to read arbitrarily-sized space-less string (2022-01-20)
  • fileutil.c: Separate subroutine list by topic at top of file (2022-01-20)
  • fileutil.c: Add putfilebuff() and agetl() (2022-02-01)
  • fileutil.c: Use token subroutines to parse value strings in agets() (2022-02-02)
  • webread.c: Include ctype.h, which is needed on some systems (2022-02-04)
  • range.c: If keyword is surrounded by brackets, keep them. (2021-07-06)
Header File Changes
  • fitsfile.h: Move declarations of range, token, and ASCII file subroutines here
  • fitsfile.h: Add lt2mfd() to convert local time to ISO format with month name(2022-02-21)
  • fitsfile.h: Add putfilebuff(), aget*(), polynomial routines from fileutil.c (2022-01-31)
  • fitsfile.h: Add range subroutine declarations (2022-02-02)
WCSTools 3.9.6
31 August 2020
Program Changes
  • filedir: Add -z option to drop newline for scripting (2020-08-18)
  • filename: Add -z option to end name with null instead of newline (2020-08-18)
  • filename: Add -e option to append newline after each output string (2020-01-16)
  • getcol: Fix bug so stats on floating point numbers are computed (2019-07-25)
  • getcol: Add standard deviations of means of selected columns (2019-07-25)
  • getdate: Add DTSEC=28 and ang2sec, hr2sec, and dec2sec conversions (2019-09-24)
  • getfits: Fix command line parsing so ranges work (2018-07-26)
  • gethead: Fill in single-character null returns (2019-03-12)
  • getpix: Fix a variety of bugs; add -d option for decimal places; add -y option to print columns as lines (2020-05-12)
  • gsc2read.c: Read GSC2 ID as extra tab-separated-table keyword (2018-08-07)
  • isdate: New program to return date string style (2020-07-23)
  • sethead: If isnum is 3, allow addition or subtraction of days from date (2020-08-10)
  • setpix: Fix bug which filled new copies wrong when reallocating buffers
Subroutine Changes
  • catutil.c: Keep RA limits to +- 180 (2018-07-31)
  • catutil.c: Drop trailing commas as well as underscores and spaces (2019-10-29)
  • dateutil.c: Add ang2sec() and deg2sec() to convert to arcseconds (2019-09-24)
  • fitsfile.c: Increase header length default to 288000 = 100 blocks (2019-09-23)
  • gsc2read.c: Read GSC2 ID as extra tab-separated-table keyword (2018-08-07)
  • hget.c: Add -1 argument to hlen() (2019-09-23)
  • hput.c: Allow arbitrary length keywords up to 64 characters (2018-08028)
  • range.c: Drop trailing commas as well as underscores and spaces (2019-10-29)
  • ucacread.c: Correct bug to read UCAC 4 high proper motion stars correctly using local path (2018-08-03)
  • wcsinit.c: Read up to 16 characters for ctype[2] and ctype[3], too (2018-05-21)
  • webread.c: Always use "\r\n" instead of "\n" when writing to or reading from socket (2018-01-19)
  • webread.c: Fix bug that failed to set lbuff when tab table returned by scat (2018-11-05)
Subroutine Changes
WCSTools 3.9.5
30 March 2017
Program Changes
  • sethead: Fix bug so that coordinates with : and dates with - are strings
  • getcol: Set default maximum number of lines to process from 100000 to 500000
Subroutine Changes
  • ty2read.c: Add fifth digit to star numbers because 256 are over 9999
WCSTools 3.9.4
2 August 2016
Program Changes
  • getdate: Fix input list so it works correctly (2016-08-02 for Armin Rest)
  • imstar: Append to output line rather than overwriting it. Fix sprintf of headline.
  • bincat: Fix mis-reading of coordinates from command line
  • cphead: Increase number of keywords to handle distortion polynomials
  • filext: If no file extension, print null string, avoiding seg fault
  • getfits: Decrement argument counter after reading center RA
  • imcat: Fix typo in UCAC output format
Subroutine Changes
  • findstar.c: Fix but in trim section parsing
  • fitsfile.c: Add one to header string length for trailing NULL
  • wcs.c: Clean up use of ptype so it is always 3 characters long
  • sortstar.c: Initialize haspm flag if zero
  • Update all man pages
WCSTools 3.9.3
22 June 2016
Subroutine Changes
  • wcs.h, wcs.c: Increase ctype string length to 15 (+null=16) for distortion
  • wcslib.c, wcslib.h: Increase ctype string length to 15 (+null=16) for distortion
WCSTools 3.9.2
10 December 2015
Program Changes
  • isnum: Add return of 4 for yyyy-mm-dd dates (2015-11-06)
  • isnum: Add -n option to output number without linefeed
  • imcat, imstar: Print two decimal places on PROS region file coordinates
  • remap: Declare GetFITSWCS()
  • simpos: Switch to CfA Vizier server as default (2015-05-05)
    Use NED name resolver if called as nedpos or using -n argument
    Look up in VIZIER catalogs if called as vizpos or using -z argument
    Use CDS server if called as cdspos or using -c argument
  • sky2xy: Add xy option to -o to print only computed x and y coordinates
  • nedpos,nedname: Drop tasks because IPAC has dropped interface; use simpos -n
  • getdate: Fix bug with FITS date conversion (2015-08-24)
  • filedir: Add option to read file pathnames from stdin
Subroutine Changes
  • hget.c: Add return of 4 for yyyy-mm-dd dates to isnum() (2015-11-06)
WCSTools 3.9.1
24 March 2015
Program Changes
  • remap: Declare GetFITSWCS() as well as GetWCSFITS()
  • cphead: Fix bug freeing header string more than once
  • scat, imcat, imwcs, immatch: Fix bug affecting SDSS and GSC2 catalogs
Subroutine Changes
  • gsc2read.c: Drop concatenation of "blank" string in middle of search URL
  • webread.c: fix URL filtering bug
WCSTools 3.9.0
29 August 2014
Program Changes
  • remap: Update usage to -f WCSfile suggested by Steve Willner (2014-02-19)
  • sethead: Fix bug dealing with setting the same keyword in multiple file extensions
  • scat, imcat, imwcs, immatch: Implement UCAC4 catalog
Subroutine Changes
  • fileutil.c: Add next_line() to return one line of file
  • fitfile.c: fix buffer reallocation bug in fitsrhead()
  • tabread.c: fix file tests
  • gsc2read.c and tabread.c: adjust to GSC2.3.3 format
WCSTools 3.8.9
16 September 2013
Program ChangesSubroutine Changes
  • sdssread.c: Add alternate UK and US catalog servers
WCSTools 3.8.8
30 April 2013
Program Changes
  • getdate: Add -s option to subtract (or add) days
  • getdate: Add self-conversion for *JD's
  • getfits: Print error, not blank file, if requested region is off image
  • simpos: Update URL for SIMBAD query
WCSTools 3.8.7
31 October 2012
Rename Man to man to avoid problems with Mac OSX file name convention

Program Changes

  • filedir: If pathname ends in "/", drop last directory
Subroutine Changes
  • catutil.c: Skip trailing right bracket in aget*()
  • dateutil.c: Unused l0 dropped from jd2lst(); ts2ss from jd2mst()
  • imio.c: Fix errors with character images in minvec() and maxvec()
  • wcs.c: Drop d1 and d2 from wcsdist(); diffi from wcsdist1()
  • wcs.c: Drop depwcs; it's in main wcs structure
  • wcsinit.c: Drop unused variable iszpx; fix bug in latmin assignment
WCSTools 3.8.6
10 August 2012
Program Changes
  • sumpix: Add options i to print index and e to compute medians
  • gethead: Call fk425e() instead of fk425()
  • imcat: Drop declaration of unused fk425e()
Subroutine Changes
  • imutil.c: Add medpix() and meanpix() to generalize across pixel size
  • imutil.c: Add medpixi1() and meanpixi1() to handle 8-bit images
  • imio.c: Fix 8-bit variables to be unsigned char
  • ctgread.c: Allow up to 9 magnitudes (/9) instead of 4
  • catutil.c, polfit.c: Fix xterm computation in polcomp() from + to *
WCSTools 3.8.5
12 April 2012
Program Changes
  • getdate: Fix string overflow in ts0 assignment (2012-03-27)
  • gethead: If length of header/file content string is zero, exit with error
  • sumpix: Improve argument parsing so order doesn't matter (2012-02-01)
Subroutine Changes
  • matchstar.c: Fix bug in WCSMatch() which miscomputed means
  • fitsfile.c: Always check first 8 characters of FITS files for "SIMPLE"
  • imhfile.c: Fix potential overflow in newpixfile assignment (2012-03-27)
  • imio.c: Change 8-bit pixel values from char to unsigned char
WCSTools 3.8.4
1 September 2011
Program ChangesSubroutine Changes
  • imgetwcs.c, wcs.c, wcsinit.c: Add TPV WCS for TAN with PV terms
WCSTools 3.8.3
17 August 2011
Program Changes
  • getdate: Print hjd in help message instead of jhd
  • gethead: Fix -x option for named or unnamed range of extensions (2011-08-12)
  • gethead: First column name is FILE_NAME if FILENAME keyword is used (2011-06-29)
  • gethead: Fix memory leaks (2011-05-19)
  • gethead: Add -j option to convert RA and Dec to J2000 (2011-05-20)
  • gettab: Fix variable name bug so program works!
  • imcat, scat, imwcs, immatch: Fix problem with UCAC3 (2011-04-27)
  • scat: Fix tab spacing in tmce (2MASS catalog with magnitude errors) (2011-04-21)
  • skycoor: Deal with comma in command line input coordinates (2011-04-19)
  • skycoor: Drop 99 for skipped RA in input list file (2011-08-17)
Subroutine Changes
  • hget.c: Free allocated memory in strnsrch() to eliminate memory leak
  • imhfile.c: Free *newpixname* not pixname. (2011-05-20)
  • ned_cli.c: Declare *d double, not long double, in ned_getdouble() (2011-05-20)
  • ucacread.c: Fix bug to find stars when RA is unevenly distributed in a declination zone
  • ucacread.c: Drop extra formats from printf() (2011-05-20)
  • wcs.c: Fix wcsfree() so it frees depended-on WCS structures (2011-05-09)
  • wcsinit.c: Change error() calls to setwcserr()
  • wcslib.h: Declare undeclared SCAMP subroutine raw-to-pv()
WCSTools 3.8.2
17 March 2011
Program Changes
  • all: Add support for NOAO ZPX projection with code from Frank Valdes
  • fixpix: Increase maximum number of regions from 10 to 100
    Log number of regions fixed
    If filling from pixel list file, put file name in header
  • getpix: Fix mean and limits options
    Add -t option for tab separated tables
  • remap: Keep center sky coordinates if not set on command line
  • sethead: Exit with error errflag
Subroutine Changes
  • proj.c: If no PV coefficients in ZPN projection, make it ARC
    Add code to project SCAMP polynomical TAN
  • tmcread.c: Fix 2MASS catalog search bug by adding last star to search
  • ucacread.c: Fix bug reading UCAC3 catalog
  • wcs.c: Fix bug in wcsc2pix() when using WCSDEP
  • wcsinit.c: Add code to read output from SCAMP
  • zpxpos.c, wcs.c, wcsinit.c: Add support for NOAO ZPX protection (Frank Valdes)
WCSTools 3.8.1
27 May 2010
Program Changes
  • scat, imcat: Fix magnitude memory allocation for UCAC2 and UCAC3 catalogs.
    Set GSC2 magnitudes > 90 to 99.99
  • imwcs, immatch: Fix for catalogs with lots of magnitudes
  • fixpix: Add -c and -r options to force interpolation direction
  • gethead: Fix buffer reallocation bug which crashed reading very large headers.
    Fix trailing spaces on ASCII file quoted string values.
    Fix problems with string value extraction changing ASCII files.
  • skycoor: Use number of decimal places from -n for -r difference if set
Subroutine Changes
  • catutil.c: Fix bug so searches around the south pole work. Add padstring argument to agets() to control trailing spaces
  • fitsfile.c: In fitswhead(), always pad blocks to 2880 bytes with spaces and fix bug dealing with large primary headers
  • imsetwcs.c: Allocate MAXNMAG instead of actual number of magnitudes
  • wcscon.c: Fix bug in computing the magnitude of the e-terms in fk524() and drop ep1 assignment after line 178 in wcsconp().
    Fix bug in fk524() e-term computation; fix J<->B conversions.
WCSTools 3.8.0
3 November 2009
Program Changes
  • getcol: Drop parentheses around single column
  • imcat: Move array allocation to subroutine as suggested by Douglas Burke
  • imextract: Fix bug which caused command line extension lists to be ignored
  • scat, imcat, imwcs, immatch: Add UCAC3 astrometric catalog. Fix bug so the HST Guide Star Catalog works again
  • scat: Print errors in UCAC2 and UCAC3 positions and proper motions in -t mode. Fix output of GSC2 without tabs
Subroutine Changes
  • binread.c, catutil.c: Change moveb() to movebuff()
  • fitsfile.c: Fix binary table reading; add local moveb()
  • gscread.c: Fix bug reading region limit table; initialize lengths of FITS table columns
  • tabread.c: Fix memory leaks found by Douglas Burke
  • ucac3read.c: Add UCAC3 catalog and add errors to UCAC2 catalog
  • webread.c: Free allocated pointers before returning
  • webread.c: Use movebuff() in catutil.c; reverse source/destination pointers and offsets
  • imsetwcs.c: Print catalog magnitude name in residual header
WCSTools 3.7.9
18 September 2009
Program Changes
  • sethead, keyhead, cphead, delhead: Fix bug so more images can be processed from the command line
  • sethead: Allow writing to files extracted from multi-extension files if XTENSION keyword is still present
  • xy2sky: Add line of documentation for -h
Subroutine Changes
  • catutil.c: In RefLim(), set RA range to 360 degrees if a pole is included
WCSTools 3.7.8
17 August 2009
Program Changes
  • getpix: Assume floating point coordinates to be x,y instead of RA,Dec
  • imwcs: Fix bugs when matched stars wrap around RA=0:00 or have the same image position
  • nedpos: Do not print name unless asked to
  • scat: Print four magnitudes for GSC2 catalog; they have dropped Tycho B
  • skycoor: Fix sign error in RA difference in -a position angle computation
Subroutine Changes
  • skybotread.c: Add flag to skip comets and save time
WCSTools 3.7.7
9 April 2009
Program Changes
  • gethead: Increase default multi-line IRAF keyword value buffer to 20000
  • imextract: Fix but so it doesn't crash if no line/image specified
  • imrot: Add -n option to force extension number in output file name
  • imsize: Set dimensions from IMAGEW and IMAGEH if NAXIS=0 and WCSAXIS>0
  • scat, imcat, imwcs, immatch: Upgrade web access to SDSS catalog from DR6 to DR7
  • simpos: Put back -i option which seemed to have disappeared. Use webbuff() modification below to get to temporary URL
Subroutine Changes
  • webread.c: Add handling of 30* URL forwarding to webbuff()
  • wcsinit.c: Fix bug setting dimensions of image if NAXISi not present
  • imgetwcs.c: Set dimensions from IMAGEW and IMAGEH if NAXIS=0 and WCSAXIS>0
  • sdssread.c: Upgrade web access to SDSS catalog to DR7 from DR6
WCSTools 3.7.6
1 December 2008
Program Changes
  • skycoor: Add -t command to subtract times
  • getdate: Fix local sidereal time (*2lst, *2mst)
  • imhead: Do not output extra block if length is exact number of 2880-byte blocks (2008-12-01)
Subroutine Changes
  • dateutil.c: Use IAU 2006 nutation for sidereal time computations
  • dateutil.c: Add ang2hr(), ang2deg(), deg2ang(), and ang2hr() to convert betweem decimal floating point degrees and vigesimal hours or degrees
  • dateutil.c: Fix local sidereal time computation (2008-10-08)
  • tnxpos.c: Fix image to world coordinate system transformation and WCS to image transformation
  • tnxpos.c: Fix tnxpos() for null correction case (2008-09-17)
  • gsc2read.c: Read GSC2 catalog from STScI CASB instead of GALEX
  • fitsfile.c: In fitswhead(), do not write error if correct number of bytes written
WCSTools 3.7.5
1 July 2008
Program Changes
  • imrot: Fix bug so x and y shifts occur even if one shift is zero; fix WCS modification
  • getcol: Fix bug so columns are compared if both conditions are integer
Subroutine Changes
  • fitsfile.c: Do not append primary header if it is the only one
WCSTools 3.7.4
28 May 2008
Program Changes
  • cphead: Clean up code to make sure numeric variables for formatted correctly.
  • getfits: Make TNX WCS of extracted file dependent on PLATE WCS
  • imsize: Add option to print the FITS format date of the image; drop quotes
  • isfits: New program to detect whether or not a string is the name of a FITS file.
Subroutine Changes
  • fitsfile.c: Allow FITS files without FITS or FTS in name to have extensions
  • wcsinit.c: Call tnxinit() before any projection calls are made
WCSTools 3.7.3
20 March 2008
Program Changes
  • sethead: Return error code =0 normally, 1 and printed message if problem. Add -x and -d options to specify extensions and root directory.
  • gethead: Fix handling of filenames in list with -x extensions.
  • filename: Add -n option to keep directory with "." and allow more than one -r command to iteratively remove suffixes from a file name.
WCSTools 3.7.2
20 November 2007
Program Changes
  • scat: Fix bug so limit flag(s) in the 2MASS Point Source Catalog with errors match appropriate magnitude(s).
Subroutine Changes
  • tmcread.c: Shift position of magnitude flags in 2MASS catalog with errors by one
WCSTools 3.7.1
9 November 2007
Program Changes
  • nedpos: Program which has been used locally for a while added to distribution after being made more portable
  • nedpos and simpos: Tab-separated table output and input from files containing lists of names added
WCSTools 3.7.0
24 August 2007
Program Changes
  • imcat, scat: Add option to list minor planets in field using SkyBot service
  • scat: Add mrad=search radius in arcminutes to cgi-bin parameters.
    Add number checking to cgi-bin parameter parsing.
  • skycoor: Fix bugs computing position angles with -a
  • gethead: Fix bug which screwed up sexigesimal data when -ndec was used
Subroutine Changes
  • skybotread.c: New subroutines to access SkyBot over the web
  • ucacread.c: Improve byte-swap check so it works in all cases, not all but one
  • hput.c: Fix bug which could drop quote when adding comment to string value
  • hput.c, hget.c: Deal with missing quotes in header without crashing
  • webread.c: Add space2tab() to use scat-based catalog server at NOAO
    Set TMC_PATH or UB1_PATH to http://archive.tuc.noao.edu/cgi-bin/scat to use it.
WCSTools 3.6.9
9 July 2007
Program Changes
  • cphead: Add -a option to copy entire header from first file to second and others
  • imstar: Fix magnitude offset so it works if 20 < offset < 90
  • scat: Fix GSC2 and other formats
  • xy2sky: Fix headings for radecsys and epoch columns in tab table output
  • delhead: Add -c option to delete blank COMMENTs and -o to overwrite files Delete IRAF-style multi-line keywords
Subroutine Changes
  • wcsinit.c: Ignore axes with TAB WCS for rotation matrix
  • ty2read.c: Skip stars with no positions, only magnitudes; print error message
WCSTools 3.6.8
11 April 2007
Program Changes
    getcol: Fix arithmetic combination of columns
  • imrotate, immatch: Add -w to not rotate WCS keywords with image
  • imrotate: Add -e to delete WCS keywords in output
  • imstar: Add -g to not rotate WCS keywords if image is rotated
  • imwcs: Add -q w to not rotate initial WCS keywords if image is rotated using -r
  • wcshead: Add -d argument to use a single root directory and deal with incomplete WCS, especially for spectra
Subroutine Changes
  • gsc2read.c: Read catalog from STScI MAST GALEX archive if gsc2, CASB if gsc22,23
  • hget.c: Initial header length to zero in hlength() if lhead argument <= 0
  • tnxpos.c: Fix bug so it doesn't crash
  • wcs.c: In wcstype(), set to WCS_PIX if CTYPEi starts with "DET"
  • wcs.c: In wcspset(), use correct cdelts when converting PC matrix to CD matrix
  • wcsinit.c: Fix bug so RA, DEC, SECPIX can be used to set a WCS
WCSTools 3.6.7
18 January 2007
Program Changes
  • bincat: Make catalog binning finally work right
  • sethead: Allow multiple keywords to be set from single line input file
  • wcshead: Add -n argument to set number of decimal points in CRVALi
  • simpos: Fix parsing problem which returned erroneous results for low-RA objects
Subroutine Changes
  • wcs.h: Fix and add ANSI C prototypes
  • fitsfile.h, fitshead.h, wcscat.h: Add ANSI C prototypes
  • wcsinit.c: Change WCS letter argument from char to char* in wcsinitc(),wcsninitc()
  • findstar.c, imrotate.c: Include fitsfile.h instead of fitshead.h and imio.h
  • hget.c: Change WCS letter argument from char to char* in hget*c()
  • hget.c: Declare header and keyword const char in most subroutines
  • hput.c: Declare keyword and value const in most subroutines
  • hput.c: Fix to return integer seconds from ra2str() and dec2str() when requested
  • imio.c: Include fitsfile.h instead of imio.h
  • catutil.c,fileutil.c: Move token parsing subroutines from catutil.c to fileutil.c
  • imio.h: Drop because all declarations are in fitsfile.h
  • wcslib.h: Drop semicolon at end of c++ ifdef
  • wcslib.h: Drop second declaration of SZP subroutines
  • polfit.c: Move into catutil.c
  • Many smaller fixes were made so that standard C profiles work
WCSTools 3.6.6
6 November 2006
Program Changes
  • getdate: Add sidereal time conversions
  • imcat,scat: Fix SDSS returned data and ID number output
  • imwcs: Add -q b option to speed up star matching
  • remap: Check for output image off-scale as well as input image
  • remap: Fix bug setting scale
  • sethead: Do not read image unless header size in 2880-byte blocks is increased
  • sethead: Increase header buffer size when next keyword exceeds current length
  • skycoor: No longer print " degrees" if output in degrees Allow right ascension and declination strings up to 31 characters everywhere
Subroutine Changes
  • wcsinit.c, wcscon.c: set projection to XY if units are pixels
  • ubcread.c: Fix header for nstarmax<1 output from ubcread()
WCSTools 3.6.5
5 July 2006
Program Changes
  • conpix: Add option to take base 10 log of entire image
  • edhead: Use mkstemp() instead of compiler-maligned tempnam()
  • scat: Print catalog object name if no number in single line search responses
  • imcat,immatch,imwcs,scat: Add support for SKYMAP 2000 catalog for wide fields
  • imcat,immatch,imwcs: Print catalog object name if no number
  • imsmooth,imresize: Write summary of operation to header
  • gethead: Fix bug which dropped trailing zeroes from strings
  • imrot,imsmooth: Deal with .ms.fits as a single extension
  • remap: Fix bug when adding to existing images
  • delwcs,delhead: Add -b option to leave blank lines in place of deleted keywords
Subroutine Changes
  • wcsinit.c: initialize 9x9 PC matrices; handle up to 9 axes for PC matrix
  • hput.c: Fix alignment of comments in hputc() and hputcom(); add strfix()
  • ctgread.c,tabread.c: Add match argument to tabrnum() for sequential reads
  • Initialize uninitialized variables throughout package
WCSTools 3.6.4
3 May 2006
Program Changes
  • scat: Fix bug so Hipparcos Catalog search returns magnitudes and parallax and clean up VOTable reporting. Add option to sort by ID number and update SDSS access to DR4.
Subroutine Changes
  • binread.c: Fix bug so magnitudes are read when J2000 is set by negating the number of magnitudes
  • catutil.c: Clean up VOTable code and return number of fields from vothead()
  • dateutil.c: Drop declarations of unused variables
  • fileutil.c: Add istiff(), isjpeg(), isgif() to check TIFF, JPEG, GIF files
  • filter.c: Add subroutines to shrink an image and for Gaussian smoothing/filling
  • findstar.c: Add nxydec=num. decimal places in image coordinates to setparm(). minpeak=num now sets minimum star counts above background
  • fitsfile.c: Add fitsrtail() to read FITS headers from end of non-FITS image files. In fitsrhead(), add file name to all error messages. Drop declarations of unused variables
  • imio.c: Fix bug of occasional double application of bscale in getvec(). Clean up arithmetic and increment in addpix() and multpix()
  • imsetwcs.c: Allow number of decimal places in image coordinates to be set
  • imutil.c: Add subroutines to filter, fill, or resize an image and reset its head er
  • lwcs.h: Add NXYDEC to set default number of decimal places in image coordinates
  • sdssread.c: Change default URL's to search to SDSS DR4 site
  • sortstar.c: Add subroutines to sort by ID number
  • wcs.c Drop declarations of unused variables
  • wcsinit.c: Get Epoch of observation from MJD-OBS or DATE-OBS/UT unless DSS Set wcs->naxes to actual number of image WCS axes, usually 2
  • webread.c: Make changes so SDSS DR4 is processed correctly Multiply max stars for ESO search by fudge factor to get all; stars outside of box are returned (but not by scat in the end)
WCSTools 3.6.3
6 January 2006
Program Changes
  • scat: Fix bug reading sequence from catalog. Clean up alignment of epoch and velocity columns. Search correctly with precessed center
  • scat, imcat: Add 2MASS and Tycho-2 with magnitude errors.
  • imrot: Add -l option to flip image around horizontal axis and -p option to turn a negative image into a positive one.
  • imstack: Fix bug which caused extra linefeeds.
  • delhead: Fix bug which incorrectly padded with spaces when head is shrunk
  • getcol: Put line count on same line as mean or median values. Add option to read a range of lines.
Subroutine Changes
  • Fix bugs in rotation matrix computation for precession
  • More completely implement IRCS coordinate system
WCSTools 3.5.6
3 September 2004
Program Changes
  • remap: Add -t num option to split each output pixel in num in each dimension, taking mean of num x num samples from input image
  • scat: Print error message and exit if no catalog found (instead of hanging).
  • sethead: Add option to add, subtract, multiply, or divide a constant to or from a keyword value.
Subroutine Changes
  • Clean up code in libwcs subroutines after compiling with new Sun compiler (mostly declaring undeclared subroutines)
  • fitsfile.c: If SIMPLE=F, read "image" data based on current file size - header, and set the NBDATA keyword in the internal version of the FITS header to that number of bytes. When the header is written out, the NBDATA bytes of image buffer data are written after the header.
  • catutil.c: Parse up to 1000 columns instead of 100 in setoken()
  • hput.c: Fix bug so comments are not pushed onto next line if value lengthens.
WCSTools 3.5.5
19 July 2004
Program Changes
    delhead, delwcs, imwcs: keep blank lines when deleting keywords from multi-extension FITS headers
  • sethead, delhead, keyhead, edhead: Change first image extension if multiple extensions and no extension is specified.
  • wcshead: Print header when first line printed, not only if first file, and print ___ for missing WCS information.
Subroutine Changes
  • hget.c: Read D, d, E, and e as exponent delimiters in floating point values
  • hput.c: Add setheadshrink() and change hdel() to optionally keep a blank line at the end of a FITS header when a keyword is deleted.
WCSTools 3.5.4
19 May 2004
Program Changes
  • delhead, keyhead, sethead: Add ability to overwrite multi-extension headers.
  • scat: Exit with error message and menu if no catalog is given.
WCSTools 3.5.3
28 April 2004
Program ChangesSubroutine Changes
  • hget.c: Use strncsrch() to get differently-cased keywords.
  • ctgread.c: Add ctgrdate() to allow searches of catalogs by date.
WCSTools 3.5.2
28 January 2004
Program Changes
  • Add support for 2MASS extended source catalog and access to Sloan Survey catalog
  • Add -u option to remap to delete distortion keywords from output file header
  • Fix blank pixel implementation in remap
  • Add pixel shifts to imrot
Subroutine Changes
  • Fix catalog subroutine argument problems found by Richard Mathar of Max Planck
  • Fix 2MASS Catalog search algorithm
WCSTools 3.5.1
1 December 2003
Subroutine changes
  • wcsinit.c: Change p[0,1,2] initializations to p[1,2,3] to match proj.c. This affects constants for AZP,SIN,COP,COE,COD,COO,SZP,CEA,CYP,AIR,BON in all programs which convert between WCS and image coordinates.
  • *read.c: In catalog reading subroutines, add a tab after the declination dashline (-----) for scat -n -1 output.
WCSTools 3.5.0
22 November 2003
Program changes
  • Add the option in scat to search an annular region by specifying a range as r1-r2 in -r and add the option to merge catalog objects within specified separation set by -r.
  • In scat and imcat add object class to GSC2 output.
  • Add -w option to cphead to copy all WCS keywords; always copy the same number of decimal places as are in the input header.
  • New program bincat to make images from catalogs.
  • Fix bug in sub1 which failed to find any stars in regions with certain centers.
  • Fix bug in gethead which dropped last zero of exponent in values.
  • Fix bug in getpix so 0 works as substitute for 1-NAXISn on command line.
  • Fix bugs in imextract so it can pull 2D images out of 3D images.
  • Add -a option to skycoor to compute the position angle between two coordinates (-r already does the distance).
Subroutine changes
  • wcs.h: Change wcs->naxes to wcs->naxis to prepare for WCSLIB 3.*
  • iget.c, wcsinit.c and fitshead.h: Rename mgets() to mgetstr()
  • Hget.c: Add numdec() to return number of decimal places in a numeric string.
  • imhread.c: In iraf2fits() and irafrimage(), use image, not physical, dimensions. In iraf2fits(), set NAXISi to image dimensions, NPAXISi to physical dimensions.
  • wcs.c: Fix bugs in wcsfull().
  • catutil.c: Add arguments for catalog epoch, proper motion margin, and wrap flag to RefLim(). Deal with search around pole in RefLim(), too.
  • imh.c: Read images to image dimension (IM_LEN), not physical dimension (IM_PHYSLEN)
  • ubcread.c: Fix bug in ubcsra(), which failed to iterate enough to find closest stars
  • distort.c: All distortion-related code is now in this file, 3 subroutines were added.
  • ucacread.c: Fix byte swap test in ucacopen() so it works on Linux
  • matchstar.c, lin.c: Do not include malloc.h; it is part of stdlib.h
  • webread.c: Rewrite buffer reallocation code to require fewer and avoid hanging
  • *read.c: Add radi argument for inner radius of annulus to all catalog reading subroutines if rad is set and radi is greater than zero, add *bin() subroutines for image filling for use by bincat, and move proper motion margin and wrap computation to RefLim()

WCSTools 3.4.2
21 August 2003
Deal correctly with images with more than 2 dimensions in sethead, keyhead, and edhead. Add -x name option to create multi-extension FITS file to imstack. Allow sorting of sources found by range of ID numbers in scat. in remap, add -f name to use WCS from existing FITS file and -n num to set the value of output pixels with no value from the input image. Add ROOTEND to primary headers appended to extension headers output as single file so that keywords from a primary header can be deleted when extracted FITS extension files are put back together. Add fitsrfull() to fitsfile.c to read n-dimensional FITS file.
WCSTools 3.4.1
28 July 2003
Allow root directory for text as well as image files in list files in gethead. FIx bug in getdate so conversions from FITS format read both date and time, if time is present. Fix extraction of 2-D images from 3-D images in imextract. Initialize equinox and coordinate system correctly in sky2html and fix bug setting secpix when set from file WCS and not on the command line (bugs found by Takehiko Wada, ISAS).
WCSTools 3.4.0
9 June 2003
Always print proper motions as milliarcseconds per year. Add support for the the UCAC2 proper motion catalog to scat, imcat, imwcs, and immatch, modifying the ucacread() subroutine to include it. Add support for the 2MASS All-Sky point source catalog as well as the IDR2. Fix a bug in wcsinit() which incorrectly reinitialized projection coefficients set by PROJPn and add support for the IRAF's ZPX projection if the image was originally a ZPN projection. Fix the -rr command in scat.
WCSTools 3.3.4
8 May 2003
Add support for the the UCAC1 proper motion catalog to scat, imcat, imwcs, and immatch, with a new subroutine file ucacread.c. Read PROJP0 in wcsinit() for ZPN projections. Fix a bug passing command line arguments in getfits
WCSTools 3.3.3
15 April 2003
Change the way revision messages are set so that the catalog subroutines can be used without the main programs. Fix a proper motion bug in the USNO-B1.0 subroutine by multiplying the RA pm by cos(dec).
WCSTools 3.3.2
7 April 2003
Add -o option to xy2sky and sky2xy to print only RA or Dec or x or y. Add distortion initialization to wcsinit(), wcstype(), pix2wcs() and wcs2pix() for SIRTF. Add new file distort.c with subroutines pix2foc() and foc2pix() to correct spatial distortion between the image and the focal plane.
WCSTools 3.3.1
26 March 2003
Deal correctly with rotated images in imcat. Fix implementation of separate systems for search, catalog, and output coordinates in scat, and also fix bug which failed to read PPM catalog proper motions. Add Heliocentric Julian Date and Modified Heliocentric Julian Date conversions to getdate, along with the required RA and Dec arguments. Fix bug in newfits which wrote CTYPEn header keyword values without quotes. Improve definition of search boxes in all catalog search subroutines. In gethead, print ___ if a null string keyword value is encountered, as will as if the keyword is not found, and -u flag is set.
WCSTools 3.3.0
6 February 2003
Add support for USNO-B1.0 Catalog including minid and minpmq to scat, imcat, imwcs, and immatch. Add scat argument ndec=n to set number of decimal places in output. In sethead, fix bug parsing files of settings with quotes. Initialize some uninitialized variables in gethead which caused a failure on some operating systems. Deal with proper motion in Starbase (tab-separated ASCII) catalogs by enlarging search boxes. Fix bug in GSC II implementation so imwcs works with web search results. proj.c: Use local copysgn() and copysgni() in WCSLIB proj.c instead of (sometimes) system copysign. Change fopen option from "r" to "rb" in all binary-reading subroutines so WCSTools will work under Windows
WCSTools 3.2.1
7 January 2003
Fix bug in delhead so arbitrary number of keywords can be deleted. In xy2sky, fix fatal bug in tab output from file, and ignore commented out input file lines. Read PVi_0 for ZPN projection; initialize PVi_j only once.
WCSTools 3.2.0
6 December 2002
getfits is a new program to extract part of a FITS image preserving any existing WCS. Add sidereal time conversion to getdate and fix bug in -now option. Fix bug in imsize which caused segv crash on Linux and OS/X. In scat, add VOTable output option (sr=degrees over web or -tt), fix several minor bugs dealing with returned star counts and formats, add -n -1 option to ACT and Tycho-2 catalogs, and add filtering by epoch of entry using -y y1,y2 option. Fix sethead so it never overwrites a multiextension FITS file Rewrite setpix so an arbitrary number of ranges of pixels can be set. sumpix: Add -l option to sumpix to print range and allow summing over entire image. Add VOTable header and trailer subroutines vothead() and vottail() Add sidereal time conversion subroutine. In WCS initialization subroutine, fix subroutine calls for radial velocity and pole latitude and fix computation of center pixel in image for default reference pixel Change ASCII catalog UZC format flag from /f to /u and add /f flag for fractional hrs and deg.
WCSTools 3.1.3
30 August 2002
In scat, fix bugs which broke USNO-A catalog reading by number and UJC magnitudes. In scat and imcat, print all available magnitudes in BINARY, ASCII and TABTABLE catalogs and search catalogs to improve mergeability. Add -q n argument to imwcs to increase number of parameters to be fit. Read multiple files in getcol and add options to print pathname and ignore comments. Ignore / in gethead if reading to end of line with -l in free-form files. Add option to getdate to convert files of date/time strings and ET conversion. In imwcs, set center and scale from prematched stars if not set on command line. If no coordinate system given in skycoor, assume input and output both J2000. Fix bug in getvec() subroutine which crashed when using scaled pixels. Return 1 if file is stdin from isfile() subroutine. Add conversions to and from ET/TDT/TT ephemeris time.
WCSTools 3.1.2
8 July 2002
Fix command line parsing in getdate to handle negative (BCE) dates correctly. Clean up date subroutine problems with negative years and fractional seconds in output strings.
WCSTools 3.1.1
26 June 2002
Add -x option to specify FITS extensions for file list in gethead and imsize. Add -s option to gethead to drop space padding in tab-separated tables. Add -s option to getpix to print x y value lines without punctuation imcat: Add back -a option to imcat to set a WCS rotation angle. wcshead: Add option to print rest wavelength limits using VELOCITY
Subroutine fixes: Fix bugs in hgetsc(), hgeti4c(), and hgetr8c() Return an error from the wcsinit() subroutine if no WCS is present for a specified letter. Save name and letter of specified WCS in WCS data structure. Fix bugs dealing with multiple line keywords so IRAF TNX projection works again in tnxpos.c, iget.c, and hget.c.
WCSTools 3.1.0
9 April 2002
Implement WCSLIB 2.9. In scat, add web query sr=degrees option for search radius, and fix implementation of velocities in TDC binary format catalogs. In imcat and scat, allow selection of any (one) magnitude in catalog for sorting and/or limits. In imcat, fix bug so characters other than circles can be plotted. Implement inversion of dependent WCSs.
WCSTools 3.0.7
4 March 2002
In imcat and scat, print spectral type for TDC format catalogs, if present. Add -l option to gethead to return values to end of line. Add -l num command to gethead and sethead to log files as they are process, to keep track of progress on batched changes. Fix units problem in ecliptic coordinate conversions. Add XPIXSIZE and YPIXSIZE as additional arcseconds per pixel image scale keywords.
WCSTools 3.0.6
24 January 2002
Allow arbirtrary argument order on the command line for imwcs and immatch. Improve imwcs by allowing a minimum number of matches to be set on the command line using minmatch=value. Add -y epoch to imcat. Accept fractional year or FITS date for epoch in scat, imcat, imwcs, and immatch. In scat, divide RA width, if given, by cos(dec) for true arcseconds.
In sethead, add sum, mean, sigma for hh:mm:ss and dd:mm:ss entries, add -e option to print medians of values in selected columns, add -f option to print ranges of values in selected columns, add -p option to print only sum, mean, sigma, or range, not entries, and ignore non-numeric values for sums, means, ranges, and medians. Also add options to add comments to keywords from files and command line, allow use of stdin for input of keyword assignments, and add -s command to set character used for spaces in argument strings. In skycoor, add -o argument to offset coordinates by arcseconds. In xy2sky, add option to prepend RA and Dec to input tab table (-a -t) for output.
WCSTools 3.0.5
21 September 2001
Implement version 2.7 of Mark Calabretta's WCSLIB subroutine library. Add search access to the ESO-served USNO-A2.0 and HST-GSC catalogs. Fix subroutine bugs which misinterpreted coordinate strings with leading spaces and numeric strings with trailing spaces.
WCSTools 3.0.4
19 September 2001
Rewrite imwcs, imcat, immatch, and scat to deal with arbitrary numbers of magnitudes. In imcat and scat, allow sorting by RA, Dec, X, Y, and any of the catalog magnitudes using the -s command. Add -k command to imwcs and immatch to select reference star magnitude to use. When reading the 2MASS Point Source Catalog, flag uncertain magnitudes with an L, like IRAS sky-limited fluxes are flagged. Allow FITS header dates in the format yyyy/mm/dd.
WCSTools 3.0.3
24 August 2001
In sethead, fix bug which thought assignments of FITS or IRAF file names to keywords were FITS or IRAF files. In scat, pass on velocities and deal with object names better in TDC ASCII or Starbase format catalogs
WCSTools 3.0.2
2 August 2001
In imwcs, allow less than 3 star matches if only 1 or 2 parameters are being fit.
WCSTools 3.0.1
25 July 2001
xy2sky: Add -x argument to specify columns for x,y, -m for magnitude column, and -c for file containing magnitude calibration polynomial.
immatch: Add -q argument to fit image magnitude to catalog magnitude polynomial and return coefficients in residual output.
Return image instrumental magnitudes instead of flux in imstar.
Fix bugs in getcol and scat.
WCSTools 3.0
10 July 2001
Support for the GSC-ACT and 2MASS Point Source Catalog and web access to the GSC II catalog was added to to scat, imcat, immatch, and imwcs. Parallaxes were added to the Hipparcos Catalog implementation and fluxes to the IRAS Point Source Catalog. Band and number of entries to GSC and GSC-ACT output from scat and imcat.
The remap program is finally working, though not yet preserving flux prefectly.
gettab now accepts tables from stdin without crashing.
getcol has added commands -i to parse tab-separated tables and -b to parse bar(|)-separated tables correctly.
A bug was fixed so that search centers between region limits in the Tycho-2 catalog can be used successfully.
WCSTools 2.9.3
20 March 2001
This is a bug-fix release which fixes compilation problems on HP-UX and Linux and problems with access to the SAO and PPM catalogs under certain conditions. Use of the PPM_PATH, SAO_PATH, and WCS_BINDIR environment variables and the setting of the RA-sorted PPM directory were fixed, so scat and other programs used to access the PPM and SAO catalogs will work better.
WCSTools 2.9.2
9 March 2001
Change WCS selection character from : to % ; some people put coordinates in file names using colons.
Fix a bug which caused crash on reading multi-extension FITS files. Add shell scripts which use SAOimage to overplot and match star catalogs in the SAOimage.scripts subdirectory. Add a new program, fileroot, which is used by saom* scripts to create match catalog file name.
WCSTools 2.9.1
2 March 2001
Fix bugs so imwcs can really accept pre-matched stars. Add the -z option to scat to append stars to an output file. Modify scat to write Starbase tab-delimited files only if the -t option is used.
WCSTools 2.9.0
23 February 2001
Multiple WCS's may be dependent on each other using the WCSDEPx keyword. Thus a sky WCS may use focal plane coordinates computed from image coordinates by another set of WCS keywords. Several bugs introduced in the changeover to multiple WCS's were fixed. Specify WCS as file.fits:wcs or files.fits,extnum:wcs , where wcs is either the WCSNAME, if present in the header or WCS character.
WCSTools 2.8.7
15 February 2001
This release was mostly used as a testbed for 2.9.0 and was not released formally. imwcs can now accept lists of prematched stars (x y Ra Dec) using the -u option. Polar regions are now searched properly by scat, imcat imwcs, and immatch when using RA-sorted ASCII or binary catalogs, such as the PPM or SAO catalogs. The basic WCS projection subroutines are now from WCSLIB 2.6. Multiple sets of WCS parameters may now coexist in a single FITS header, where they can be specified by all WCSTools programs.
WCSTools 2.8.6
2 January 2001
scat, imcat imwcs, and immatch can now read catalogs across the World Wide Web. Proper motions in seconds/century are now allowed in Starbase catalogs. A bug was fixed so that ISO dates are handled as strings rather than numbers in FITS header output.
WCSTools 2.8.5
29 September 2000
Spectral type and second magnitude were added to one-line closest star output from scat. Multiple magnitudes and spectral types have been added to ASCII catalogs. The CD matrix is used if any CDm_n keywords are present, not just CD1_1 and CD2_2.
WCSTools 2.8.4
6 September 2000
In i2f, look in same directory as header file if pixel directory is not found in its specified directory. This simplifies transferring .imh files between computers. A -o command line option was added to imstack to set an output file name. Leading zeroes are now printed in scat ID numbers.
WCSTools 2.8.3
3 August 2000
Command lines options -a (add), -s (subtract), -m (multiply), and -d (divide) were added to setpix to operate on existing pixel values in image sections with a constant. The -w option was added to wcshead to print limits of 1-D images. scat and imcat preserve local-format catalogs in memory between batched searches to save time and I/O. The -i option was added to newfits to fill the data section of a new FITS file from a binary file. The -s option was added to imrot to split multi-extension FITS files to fileroot_n.fits. A variety of bugs were fixed, too.
WCSTools 2.8.2
13 June 2000
A bug which reversed Tycho-2 B and V magnitudes was fixed. If no pixel file directory is specfied in a .imh file, the same directory as the header file is used.
WCSTools 2.8.1
9 June 2000
An error reading the USNO-2.0 on PCs and Alphas was fixed. Improved error reporting was added to the header access programs, gethead, sethead, delhead, cphead, and keyhead
WCSTools 2.8.0
2 June 2000
Support for 2.5 million star Tycho-2 Catalog added in sty2, imty2, etc.
WCSTools 2.7.3
1 May 2000
scat search buffer allocation was improved to speed searches. IRAF .imh files which keep their .pix files in a subdirectory of the header directory are now handled correctly. All dates in the old FITS format with three- as well as two-digit years have 1900 added to them. TDC ASCII-format catalog files can now have positions in fractional degrees. The hadd() subroutine now avoids overwriting the added header line.
WCSTools 2.7.2
28 March 2000
gethead can now extract values from keyword=value strings in any ASCII file; keyword values can be tested to decide whether to display the keywords from a specific file; and embedded spaces in keyword values can be replaced with underscores. imwcs can iterate both with and without reducing tolerances on each iteration. IRAF .imh file header and pixel file paths up to 256 characters, the IRAF 2.11 limit, can now be handled; the old limit was 67 characters. A leap year bug which affected 2000-02-29 and a couple of days before was fixed. Proper motion reporting was added to scat for Starbase output. Column values can be used by gettab and getcol to decide whether to print lines.
WCSTools 2.7.1
15 February 2000
cphead is a new program to copy keyword values from one file to a list of files. An additional output option was added to gethead to make input for sethead. Proper motions were implemented in Starbase catalog files.
WCSTools 2.7.0
3 February 2000
WCSLIB subroutines were updated to version 2.5, which was released in December. Modified Julian Dates are now supported by the getdate program.
WCSTools 2.6.12
13 January 2000
Several bugs were fixed in Starbase catalog reading. The keyword after OBJECT, if it is in an IRAF .imh header, is no longer dropped. Starbase catalog output from scat and imcat was fixed. The year 100 in old FITS dates is assumed to be 2000.
WCSTools 2.6.11
20 December 1999
getdate is a new program to convert between one date format and any other date format. -c (set constant), -r (square root), and -g (Gaussian noise) options were added to the conpix program which operates on the pixels of images or sections thereof. A Starbase output format was added to . A variety of other bugs in many programs were fixed.
WCSTools 2.6.10
9 December 1999
-g (greater than) and -l (less than) options were added to getpix to print all pixels in a specified region with a specified range of values. Strings starting with D or E, followed by numbers are no longer assumed to be numbers. Conversion to Julian Dates was fixed.
WCSTools 2.6.9
1 December 1999
-a (sum), -c (count), and -m (mean) options were added to getcol. An option was added to imhead to output the exact FITS header, without linefeeds. A specific editor can be specified for edhead using the -e option as well as through the EDITOR environment variable. A variety of bugs were fixed throughout the package.
WCSTools 2.6.8
5 November 1999
immatch, imstar, and imwcs now read Starbase files as well as DAOPHOT-format files for star x-y input (-d). sumpix has added options to compute means, variances, and standard deviations of regions of an image. getcol is a new task for gettign information from ASCII space-delimited tables. Unix lint and Insure++ were run on all the code and a variety of memory leak and allocation problems were found and corrected. The catread.c library files and the subroutines it contains were rename ctg* to avoid system subroutine name conflicts.
WCSTools 2.6.7
21 October 1999
Changes were made in several programs and subroutines to deal with reallocating the FITS header buffer if it got too large.
WCSTools 2.6.6
28 September 1999
Access to the HST Guide Star Catalog by number in scat was fixed. i2f can now output a FITS file to standard output. remap is a new program to remap images to a new WCS specified on the command line. IRAF .imh files no longer produce multiple OBJECT keywords when converted to FITS
WCSTools 2.6.5
16 September 1999
Most of the changes were in scat, imcat, imwcs, and immatch catalog access, with distance-sorted searches now working consistently, and tab table catalog coordinate systems being dealt with correctly. Catalog access subroutines are all accessed through catread() and catrnum(), so new catalog formats will be easier to add. A CD matrix initialization bug was fixed in the fitting code.
WCSTools 2.6.4
31 August 1999
Bugs were fixed in >scat when dealing with coordinates following search box. A bug searching fields which contained 0h RA was also fixed. sethead writes multiple keywords of the form name_i when a character value is too long so no information is lost. gethead, with changes in the hgetm() subroutine in hget.c, now can read multiline keywords of the form name_i, name_ii, and name_iii(IRAF), concatenating all values into one returned string when gethead name is typed. delhead, gethead, keyhead, and sethead now can deal with simultaneous files of keywords and filenames. A fatal bug in immatch was fixed.
WCSTools 2.6.3
9 July 1999
A slew of bugs in imwcs were fixed: command line rotation angle setting, converting image coordinates to reference system, command line reference pixel use, incorrect initialization of CDELT1 when rotating an image, and correct setting of RADECSYS to FK% or FK4, not J2000 or B1950. The command line rotation bug was also fixed in imstar and immatch. A new program, sumpix, adds pixel values over rows, columns, or rectangular regions, specified by ranges of coordinates. A new file, dateutil.c, contains many date and time conversion subroutines, not all of which are used by other WCSTools programs.
WCSTools 2.6.2
9 June 1999
Bugs were fixed in the RotFITS subroutine used by imrot, immatch, and imwcs. An initialization bug which caused garbage at the beginning of a line in Linux was fixed.
WCSTools 2.6.1
7 June 1999
scat now allows rectangular as well as square and circle searches, and the dimensions can be given in sexagesimal degrees as well as arcseconds. newfits now accepts a reference coordinate as ra dec system.
WCSTools 2.6
28 May 1999
Support for the ACT catalog has been added throughout the toolkit. New programs include conpix, to operate on all of the pixels of an image, gettab, to extract values from tab table data base files, and newfits, to create dataless or blank FITS image files. A BITPIX=0 dataless file can be used to fit a WCS using a star lists from another image or to hold an artifical WCS. Bugs have been fixed in the TDC binary, TDC ASCII, and tab table (Starbase) catalog reading routines, and support for the ACT astrometric reference catalog has been added. Ranges of catalog (or index) numbers and files of search centers can be read by scat and its variants using any of the supported catalogs. Large numbers of command line arguments are now dealt with gracefully by delhead, gethead, keyhead, and sethead.
WCSTools 2.5
2 December 1998
Bugs have been fixed in imwcs and imcat coordinate handling.
imwcs, imcat, and scat can now read the USNO-A2.0 and USNO-SA2.0, as well as catalogs in the TDC simple ASCII catalog format.
A bug was fixed in all catalog reading programs so that catalog numbers are now preserved when the number of stars found exceeds the number desired.
keyhead can now transfer keyword values within a header and/or add a history line to the header it has modified.
More robust methods are used to decide image and catalog file types. keyhead was modified to transfer keyword values within a header. imcat and imstar can now create SAOimage region files of stars so catalogs can be plotted over images.
WCSTools 2.4.1
15 September 1998
imwcs, imcat, and scat can now read the TDC binary catalog format, for fast searching of catalogs, including SAO (imsao, ssao"), PPM (imppm, sppm"), IRAS Point Source (imiras, siras"), Tycho (imtycho, stycho"), and local catalogs.
WCSTools 2.4
4 September 1998
All files now transfer the extension from the input file if writing a new file. .fits is the default output everywhere instead of .fit.
Image orientation parameters, pa_north, pa_east, imrot, and imflip, have been added to the WCS data structure.
sethead can add a history line to the header it has modified.
.imh image header modification is now more robust.
WCSTools 2.3.4
28 July 1998
delwcs has been added to delete all added WCS information from an image header.
sethead now can set parameters in multiple files at one time.
Bugs were fixed in .imh image access.
WCSTools 2.3.3
24 July 1998
A major bug was fixed in writing .imh images.
WCSTools 2.3.3
16 July 1998
Quad cube projections such as CSC were fixed in wcslib.c and wcs.c. xy2sky and sky2xy were modified to deal with the face of a quad cube as a third dimension.
WCSTools 2.3
10 July 1998
Add equinox date option to scat and imcat.
Restructure WCS initialization subroutines, putting keyword-dependent stuff into wcsinit.c, and fix a variety of initialization problems.
Add ICRS as possible RADECSYS value (same as FK5, for now).
Add wcsfort.c Fortran interface to WCS subroutines.
Add wcskinit() to initialize WCS structure from arguments.
WCSTools 2.2.1
2 June 1998
Header writing subroutines now fill blank lines before the END statement correctly.
A fatal bug in StarBase (tab table) reading was fixed.
WCSTools 2.2
14 May 1998
A bug in pixel to galactic coordinate conversion was fixed.
Arbitrary equinoxes in the forms Jyyyy.ffff and Byyyy.ffff are now accepted and precessed correctly.
Polynomial WCS support was modified to be closer to what is being discussed on the FITSWCS e-mail list.
Support was added for ecliptic coordinates and coordinate conversion was improved in general.
IRAF TNX projection was improved, though WCS to pixel still does not work.
IRAF unsigned data types are now supported.
WCSTools 2.1
31 March 1998
Add polynomial plate fit and IRAF TNX projection. Fix various bugs.
Fit CD matrix as well as CDELT/CROTA.
Add iteration and recentering to IMWCS.
WCSTools 2.0
18 February 1998
Use Mark Calabretta's WCS code instead of AIPS classic WCS subroutines for the standard FITS projections. This is a major upgrade, hence 2.0.
WCSTools 1.5
15 December 1998
Rewrite IRAF code to deal with IRAF 2.11 reformatted headers. Fix a variety of bugs. Switch to single catalog search and image-based catalog search programs, invoked by different names for different catalogs.
WCSTools 1.4
12 November 1997
Many cosmetic bugs have been fixed as more people have used the software. RA's are now properly converted to angular distance, so areas to be searched at high declinations are now correct.
imwcs can now fit chip rotations as well as optical axis rotations, and it can also fit the coordinates of the optical axis. Polynomial corrections to the plane tangent projection are in the works as is support for the full Calabretta set of proposed FITS WCS standard projections. The maximum number of reference stars can now be set on the command line, and more combinations of WCS parameters can be fit.
immatch, a new program, matches stars found in an image against a catalog using the image's WCS or one set on the command line.
imstar now writes a single format to file and/or display. It may be space- or tab-separated tables or DAOFIND (x, y, magnitude) format.
WCSTools 1.3.1
25 April 1997
Fixed major bug in USNO A-1.0 and USNO SA-1.0 catalog reading which ignored stars which are flagged as being in the Guide Star Catalog
WCStools 1.3
24 February 1997
Fixed bugs in imgetwcs.c which did not convert coordinates of image center correctly. Cleaned up I/O code so it works correctly on Linux systems.
WCStools 1.2.2
27 January 1997
Fix bug in HGET which ignored exponent of floating point string when extracting an integer due to use of atoi() instead of (int)atof(). This most often affects how EPOCH is interpreted.
WCStools 1.2.1
15 January 1997
Fix bug in RASort Stars which did not sort magnitudes
WCStools 1.2
12 December 1996
Still more bugs have been removed and many minor features have been added.
The ability to read DAOFIND output coordinate lists has been added to IMWCS and IMSTAR.
Both faint and bright magnitude limits are now allowed in the search programs SCAT, IMCAT, and their single-catalog variants.
ADDPIX, GETPIX, SETPIX, and SUBPIX have been added to access individual pixels of an image.
Provde man pages for most programs.
WCStools 1.1
20 November 1996
Many bugs have been removed, access to the USNO A1.0 half-gigastar catalog has been added, and new programs have been added to search star catalogs. Thanks to Daniel Durand of DAO, Allan Brighton of ESO, and Jan Kleyna of Harvard for their debugging assistance.
sethead added to set FITS or IRAF header header parameters.
scat added to search source catalogs
sgsc added to search the HST Guide Star Catalog
sujc added to search the USNO UJ1.0 Catalog
suac added to search the USNO A1.0 Catalog
skycoor added to convert coordinates between formats and systems.
WCStools 1.0
18 September 1996
imgsc bug fixed so that reject class objects don't cause an end to the search.
imcat to search any of the catalogs which imwcs can use.
imhead added to print FITS or IRAF headers.
edhead added to edit FITS or IRAF headers
gethead added to list values from IRAF headers.
libwcs 1.1
8 August 1996
imrot added to rotate and mirror FITS or IRAF images, to deal with Mt. Hopkins CCD images. Subroutines were added to perform the rotation and to move pixels between two image arrays, which do not have to be of the same type.
i2f was added to convert IRAF image files to FITS image files, making use of subroutines which already existed.
imtab was added to list stars from a tab table catalog which are found in an image.
imsize was added to print the center and size of an image in one line.
imhead was added to print the headers of FITS and IRAF images.
libwcs 1.0
1 March 1996
World coordinate system conversion subroutines used by SAOimage have been bundled with some simple (image pixel <-> sky coordinate) and complicated (automatically fit world coordinate system to image) programs.

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