Get sky coordinates for a given object using the SIMBAD Astronomical Database


simpos searches the SIMBAD Astronomical Database for the sky coordinates of objects, the names of which are either given on the command line or in a file. If objects are not found in the SIMBAD database, the NED database and the Vizier catalogs are searched unless otherwise specified using -[s][n][z] on the command line. The order of these arguments specifies the order of the search. (New in WCSTools 2.6.8)

Command Line Arguments

-a Print all of the information that is returned
-b Print coordinates in B1950 instead of J2000
-c Use the CDS server in France instead of the ADS server at the CfA in the US. (Added in WCSTools 2.9.2)
-d Print coordinates in degrees instead of sexigesimal
-e Print coordinates in ecliptic instead of J2000
-g Print coordinates in galactic instead of J2000
-i Print alternate ID(s) returned from SIMBAD
-n Find coordinates using the NED database (Added in WCSTools 2.9.2)
-s Find coordinates using the SIMBAD database
-t Print output as tab-separated table
-v Print extra descriptive info
-z Find coordinates from Vizier catalogs (Added in WCSTools 2.9.2)


1. Print Usage Instructions
2. Verbose Mode
3. Information for one object from NED
4. Information for one object from SIMBAD
5. Information for one object from VizieR
6. Positions for a list of objects

This program makes use of the SIMBAD database, created by CDS, Strasbourg, France, and mirrored at ADS in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Last updated 15 May 2015 by Jessica Mink Telescope Data Center