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Rotate FITS and IRAF Images

imrot is a utility for rotating and/or reflecting FITS or IRAF images. Images can be rotated only in multiples of 90 degrees. The image may be output with a different data type than that in which it is input, and IRAF files may be written out as FITS files. If the -o flag is not used, the output file name is made from the input file name by adding the angle by which it is rotated in degrees, followed by an m if the image is reflected. If there is no rotation or reflection, or if the -o flag is used, the input file is overwritten.

Command Line Arguments

Name of FITS or IRAF image file. This must be present.
-b pixel bits
Set output pixel size in bits using FITS options (16: 2-byte integer, 32: 4-byte integer, -16: 2-byte unsigned integer, -32: 4-byte floating point, -64: 8-byte floating point
Write output image to current working directory
Write FITS image from IRAF input image
Reflect image left-right before rotating it
Overwrite input file instead of writing a new file.
-r angle in degrees
Rotate image counterclockwise this many degrees. 0, 90, 180, and 270 are the options.
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1. Rotate an IRAF image 90 degrees after reflecting it and write a FITS image.
imrot -l -f -r 90 test.imh
produces file test90m.fit.

2. Convert a 32-bit/pixel IRAF image to a 16-bit/pixel FITS image.
imrot -f -b 16 test.imh
produces file test.fit.

Last updated 17 September 2003 by Doug Mink