WCSTools programs

Replace Bad Regions in FITS and IRAF image

fixpix is a utility for editing IRAF and FITS images. It replaces regions of an image by interpolating linearly from the edges across the narrowest dimension. It works much like IRAF's fixpix.

Command Line Arguments

Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. This must be present.
Print more information about the process
Write the output to a new file which is named by inserting an e before the file extension. The new file is always written to the current working directory.


1. Edit a IRAF image header and write a new image header file.
fixpix -n test.fit 10 20 15 30
produces file teste.fit, with the region with corners at (10,20), (15,20), (15,30), and (10,30) replaced by pixels linearly interpolated between columns 9 and 16.

2. Edit a FITS image using a bad pixel file and write it back to the original file.
fixpix test.fit @badpix
produces file test.fit, with the regions described in the file badpix replaced.

Last updated 17 September 2003 by Doug Mink