Image World Coordinate Removal Program

delwcs (pronounced del-W-C-S) is a utility for removing world coordinate system information from the header of a FITS or IRAF image. World coordinate system (WCS) information in the image header describes, in a standard way, the relationship between sky coordinates and image pixels. This information is used by the program to transform image right ascension and declination sky coordinate pairs to image coordinate (X,Y) pairs. The keywords CTYPE1, CRVAL1, CDELT1, CRPIX1, CROTA1, CTYPE2, CRVAL2. CDELT2, CRPIX2, and CROTA2 are deleted from the image header. If both EQUINOX and EPOCH keywords are present, EQUINOX is removed as well.

Command Line Arguments

Name of FITS or IRAF image file. This must be present.

print more information about process

Write output to a new file with an "e" before the file type extension: x.fits becomes xe.fits.


Remove WCS information from file test.fts
delwcs -v test.fts
DELWCS 2.5, 28 October 1998, Doug Mink, SAO
Remove World Coordinate System from FITS or IRAF image files
CTYPE1: deleted
CRVAL1: deleted
CDELT1: deleted
CRPIX1: deleted
CROTA1: deleted
CTYPE2: deleted
CRVAL2: deleted
CDELT2: deleted
CRPIX2: deleted
CROTA2: deleted
EQUINOX: deleted
test.fts: rewritten successfully without WCS.

Last updated 30 July 2002 by Doug Mink

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