Set FITS and IRAF Image Header
Keyword Values from Another FITS or IRAF Image Header

cphead is a utility for setting keyword values in one FITS or IRAF image header from the values of the corresponding keywords in another FITS or IRAF header. It parses the command line to separate file names from keywords and uses the first file name it encounters as the source of the keyword values. Other file names encountered are used as the destinations. File names must have the extension .imh for either version 1 or version 2 IRAF files or must be legal FITS files.

Keyword names may be entered in either upper or lower case; they will be automatically translated to upper case by the program. A file containing a list of filenames may be used by prefacing the name of the file with a @. A file containing a list of keywords may be used by prefacing the name of the file with a @. Numeric values are read into binary form and written out. As of version 3.5.0, the number of decimal places is preserved.

The results of the changes can be checked by reading individual header keywords using gethead or by printing the entire header using imhead.
(Added in WCSTools 2.7.2)

Command Line Arguments


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