WCSTools header utilities

Command Line Arguments

template filename
Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file from which to extract header values.
Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. At least one of these must be present for any values to be set. File names must have the extension .imh for either version 1 or version 2 IRAF files or be legal FITS files.
Name of a file listing image file names (IRAF image header files and/or FITS files) or keyword names. If the first line of the list file is a FITS or IRAF image file, the list file is assumed to contain image file names, and any other file names on the command line will be ignored. If the first line is not an image file, this list file is assumed to contain keyword names, one per line. No more than two list files, one of images and one of keywords to be assigned, are allowed on a single cphead command line. Note that values from all keywords in a file are transferred to all of the images which are processed, whether they come from the command line or from a list file.
Name(s) of keyword(s) whose value(s) are to be transferred from the header of the template file to the other image files. Names may be entered in either upper or lower case; they will be automatically translated to upper case by the program. All command line arguments which do not start with - and are not image files are assumed to be keywords.
-d directory path
Root directory for input files (default is current working directory)
Write HISTORY line
Write CPHEAD keyword
Write a new file (add e before the extension)
Number of decimal places in numeric output
Print more information about process.
Copy all WCS keywords (currently only main WCS and not alternatives).
WCS keywords are listed here. (Added in WCSTools 3.5.0)

Last updated 23 October 2003 by Doug Mink

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