Set FITS and IRAF Image Header Keyword Values

sethead is a utility for setting FITS or IRAF header keyword values. It parses the command line to separate file names from keywords. File names must have the extension .imh for either version 1 or version 2 IRAF files or must be legal FITS files. Keyword names may be entered in either upper or lower case; they will be automatically translated to upper case by the program. Each keyword should be followed by an equal sign and the value to which it is to be set, with no intervening spaces. Values which are all numeric are assumed to be numbers and are aligned as such within the header. A list of filenames may be used by prefacing the name of the file containing the list with a @. The results of the changes can be checked by reading individual header keywords using gethead or by printing the entire header using imhead.

In version 2.6.11 and later, sethead can be used to update date keyword values from the old FITS dd/mm/yy format to ISO 8601's yyyy-mm-dd using the -d command.

Command Line Arguments


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