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Convert IRAF Image to FITS Image

i2f is a utility for converting IRAF images to FITS images. If you want to change the number of bits per pixel, use imrot. The BITPIX, NAXIS, NAXIS1, NAXIS2, OBJECT, and PIXFILE keywords are set from the binary portion of the header. IMHFILE and PIXFILE are set from the actual filenames for internal purposes.

Command Line Arguments

Name of IRAF image file, including .imh. This must be present.
Write resulting FITS image to standard output, thus using i2f as a filter. (Added in version 2.6.6)
-o filename
Name of output file, if not irafroot.fits. stdout writes to standard output. (Added in version 2.6.6)
print more information about process


Convert a 32-bit/pixel IRAF image to a 32-bit/pixel FITS image.
i2f test.imh
produces file test.fit.

Write an IRAF image to standard output and display it using ds9.
i2f -s test.imh | ds9 -

Last updated 17 September 2003 by Doug Mink