Edit FITS and IRAF Image Headers

edhead is a utility for editing IRAF and FITS image headers. It uses any Unix text editor (set from the EDIOR environment variable) to edit a FITS version of the image header.

Command Line Arguments

Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. This must be present.
-e editor
Use this editor instead of the one specified by the EDITOR environment variable or the default, vi. (New in WCSTools 2.6.19)
Print more information about process
Write the output to a new file which is named by inserting an e before the file extension. For example, test.fits becomes teste.fits.. The new file is always written to the current working directory.

1. Edit a IRAF image header and write a new image header file.
edhead -n test.imh
produces file teste.imh, pointing to the same pixel file.

2. Edit a FITS image header and write it back to the same file.
edhead test.fit
produces file test.fit, entirely rewritten so that there are no problems if the length of the header changes.

Last updated 30 July 2002 by Doug Mink

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