WCSTools programs

Create New FITS Header

newfits is a utility for creating a new FITS file, with or without data following the header. BITPIX defaults to zero so that the WCSTools FITS reading software will not attempt to read the data portion of the file, even if the NAXISx keywords are set. If the -o argument is used to set a BITPIX value, either a data section filled with zeroes of the appropriate data type is appended to the header, or if the -i argument is used to specify a file, the data section is filled from that binary file. By default, all files are two dimensional, though the second dimension can be one. Files cannot be overwritten. sethead or edhead can be used to change keyword values once a header file has been created. (Added in WCSTools 2.6)

Command Line Arguments


Last updated 17 September 2003 by Doug Mink