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FAST Spectrograph
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FAST Spectrum

1Redshift SurveyHuchra
315R RedshiftsGeller
4Field Galaxy SurveyFabricant
53C373 SurveyGeller
6AGN WatchWilkes
7QSO ContinuumWilkes
8QSO ID'sDobrzycki
10M67 SpectrumCaldwell
11A Star VelocitiesLatham
16Rosat QSOWilkes
21CfA Rich GroupsRamella
22Poor ClustersDell'Antonio
23HST Snapshot SurveyMcDowell
25K band LFHuchra
31Gravitational LensesFalco
32Carbon StarsGreen
33Compact GroupsBarton
35Poor Cluster KinematicsKoranyi
37Power of PolarizationGoodman
38Taurus Low Mass PMSBriceno
39Dwarf Nova ObservationsBerlind
41Faint Radio SourcesFalco
42Morphology-Density RelationGrogin
45PG QuasarsWilkes
46Solar System ObjectsLuu
48Hercules SuperclusterBarmby
49ISO QuasarsWilkes
50Bright ROSAT IDsSchlegel
51HH ObjectsRaymond
52Xray Selected QuasarsKim
53Faint CfA Survey GalaxiesHuchra
54Open Cluster NGC 2232Prosser
55Edge-On Galaxy SurveyGeller
56Spectrophotometric StandardsStaff
57Velocity StandardsStaff
58X-ray Peculiar ObjectsKim
59X-ray GroupsMahdahvi
60CfA Redshift CompletionGeller
61Luminosity StandardsAll
63Orion OB ExtinctionAdams
64Galaxy Cluster Scaling RelationsRines/Geller
65X-ray NovaeGarcia
66Borosun-Green VectorBrandt/Wilkes
67Interstellar ShocksRaymond
682MASS Redshift SurveyHuchra
69QSO Emission and ContinuumKuraszkiewicz
71Brown Dwarfs Sigma OrioniWolk
73Close Pairs of GalaxiesBarton
75Local Density FunctionCarter
76Orion TTSTorres
77Radial Velocity Observations of 4U 1907+09McClintock
78Hectospec Red SpectraMink
79White DwarvesGreen
80Isolated Over-Luminous Elliptical GalaxiesVikhlinin
81Abell 1644 RedshiftsTustin
82PMS G Stars Spect TypesMuzerolle
83Persei Mass FunctionBragg/Kenyon
84Updated Zwicky CompletionFalco
85F-M Giant HKSoon
86Her X-1/HZ HerVrtilek
87Spectral Types of Candidate Celestial Calibrators of IRACFazio
88LMF of GalaxiesKochanek
89Herbig NeBe Spectrals (Ae/Be Stars)Calvet
90Ho IX Emission Shell>Eriksen
91Supernova Host GalaxiesJha/Garnavich
98Gravity Probe B Guide StarsShapiro
100BG Geminorum Orbit>Kenyon
101Absolute Dimensions of Cool Algols>Torres
102Taurus PMS Candidates>Hartmann
103CaII IR TripletMuzerolle
104Radial Velocity Observations of 4U 1907+09>McClintock
106White DwarfsGreen
107Micro-Quasar CI CamGarcia
109ROSAT Orion PMS StarsWolk
111Seyfert Galaxies>Boyer
113Interacting Galaxies>Freedman/Geller
114Galaxy Luminosity FunctionBrown
115Pre Main Sequence>Balog
116Dwarf Novae>Groot
118UV Galaxies>Brown
120Xray emitting IRAS sources>Zezas
121U Gem Outburst Accretion Disk Spiral Arm>Groot
123Membership and Coronal Activity on NGC2232>Patten
124Optical Spectroscopy of COLA North Galaxies>Zezas
125Optical Spectroscopy of hard Xray selected objects>Zezas
126Spectra of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows>Stanek
127Star Formation and Disk Evolution of Cep OB2>Sicilia-Aguilar, A.
128A Search for Nearby Young Associations>Luhman
129FAST spectra of Bright CHAMP Sources>Green
130FAST spectra of Solar System ObjectsTraub
131Faint Sky Visibility SurveyGroot
132HST FGS reference StarsGroot
133Markarian 421Weekes/Schroedter
135Starburst Galaxies in the UZCKewley
136Low-mass Members of Taurus and IC 348Luhman
137A Study of Intermediate-Mass Stars in NGC 7160Sicilia-Aguilar, A.
139Line Strength Gradients in M32Caldwell
140Star Forming Disk Galaxies in ClustersCaldwell
141Mapping the Nearby UniverseHuchra/Falco
143Fastest Be/X-Ray PulsarKaaret
144AM CVnSteeghs
145Dynamics of "tadpole" cluster A2384Sun
146SIRTF Shallow SurveyAshby
147AGN SolutionsElvis
150Distant Cluster SurveyVikhlinin
151AGN Emission Line RegionsLandt
154Pre-Main Sequence Lynd 1340Furesz
155Cygnus ShocksSzentgyorgyi
156Spectroscopy of pre-main sequence stars in the Cepheus flare regionBalog
158Supernova Host Galaxy RedshiftsWood-Vasey
1602MASS Abell Cluster SurveyGeller
161FRI/FRII Radio Galaxy Morphology DichotomyLandt
163Mapping Matter Distribution in the UniverseGeller,Fabricant
167Homogeneous [OIII] Measurements for HBLR and non-HBLR Seyfert 2sNicastro
169Properties of Halo RR LyraeStubbs
170Accretion Signatures and Cluster Membership in h & chi PerseiCurrie
173Small Solar System BodiesSpahr
175Candidate PMS stars in Lynds 1622Kenyon
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