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Program Name CfA Rich Groups                      
Massimo Ramella  [email]    
Co-Investigator(s) Walter Boschin, Margaret Geller, Andisheh Mahdavi, Kenneth Rines, Hans Böhringer and Michael Kurtz


The redshifts measured allowed the completion of the redshift survey of 2MASS galaxies within 1.5 Mpc from groups of galaxies of a well studied sample (see papers below). This sample was used to investigate the correlation between mass, M, and luminosity (2MASS, Ks-band), L, of groups of galaxies. Over the entire mass range covered by this sample, the Ks luminosity increases with mass implying that the mass-to-light ratio in the Ks band increases with mass.
Spectra [search in archive]
Trimester(s) data taken 1994c-1995c
Papers 1999, ApJ, 518, 69
2004, AJ, 128, 2022
2004, ApJ, 607, 202

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