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Program Name Spectroscopy of pre-main sequence stars in the Cepheus flare region                    
Zoltan Balog  [email]  
Co-Investigator(s) Scott Kenyon, Maria Kun


In order to assess the star forming history of the nearby Cepheus flare giant molecular cloud complex we propose to use the FAST spectrograph to obtain low resolution spectra of its candidate pre-main sequence stars. The proposed observations will allow us to identify the PMS stars of the region and derive their masses and ages. The results will provide a data set for studying the star forming history and large-scale evolutionary processes of the molecular clouds.
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Trimester(s) data taken 2004c

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Kun, M.; Kiss, Z. T.; Balog, Z., 2008, "Star Forming Regions in Cepheus" in "Handbook of Star Forming Regions, Volume I: The Northern Sky", ASP Monograph Publications, Vol. 4. Edited by Bo Reipurth, p.136

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