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Program Name The Local Mass Functions of Galaxies                      
Christopher Kochanek  [email]  [web]  
Co-Investigator(s) Michael A. Pahre, Emilio Falco and John Huchra


We propose to measure the mass function of galaxies in the local universe. We will examine 2MASS galaxies in the isophotal magnitude range 10.50 < K < 11.25 over the available Northern sky (|b| > 20 °). From this large, complete sample we will obtain kinematic measurements of a randomly selected sub-sample of 450 galaxies. We will measure their kinematic properties (projected rotation velocity and/or centreal velocity dispersion) using FAST, the 600 line grating, and a 2 arcsec slit. We will obtain deeper JHK and UBVRI optical photometry of the kinematically observed galaxies with the 48" to provide accurate photometric profiles and colors. Statistical methods will be used to correct for ths kinematic incompleteness.
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Trimester(s) data taken 1995b-2002c

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