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Program Name FAST Redshifts in the SIRTF/IRAC GTO Shallow Survey Fiel                      
Matthew L. N. Asby  [email]  [web]  
Co-Investigator(s) John Huchra, Giovanni Fazio, Michael A. Pahre, Steven P. Willner, Christopher Kochanek, Mark Hartmann, Christine Jones, Buel T. Jannuzi and Arjun Dey


We propose to acquire FAST spectra of 167 bright 2MASS-selected (K_s < 13.5) galaxies in the northern NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey field (NDWFS). The resulting redshift sample will serve a number of important uses in what is expected to become a dataset of primary importance: this field will be observed by SIRTF/IRAC in January 2004 and is expected to, in effect, define the properties of 'local' galaxies in the infrared. Amongother things, the proposed FAST spectra will be used to understand the luminosity function for the brightest objects, to understand the relationship of galaxy type to infrared emission, and to anchor the much anticipated photometric redshift schemes that will be modeled and extrapolated to moderate/hight redshifts for any number of SIRTF-derived galaxy samples (i.e., not just the shallow survey).
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Trimester(s) data taken 2003b-2004a
Papers none

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