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Program Name Homogeneous [OIII] Measurements for HBLR and non-HBLR Seyfert 2's                    
Fabrizio Nicastro [email]    
Co-Investigator(s) none


This proposal is to obtain homogeneous [OIII]-flux measurements with the 1.5/FAST spectrometer for a sample of nearby Seyfert 2s with optical polarimteric and X-ray spectra. The sample consists of a total of 23 sources, 15 of which are observable with FAST in the May-August 2006 trimester. Of these 15 sources, 9 show Hidden Broad Emission Lines (HBLR) in their optical polarized spectra, while 6 do not. Our objective is to estimate the [OIII]-flux of these sources, and use this information, together with their nuclear 2-10keV luminosity, (a) to evaluate the fraction of sources which are likely to be Compton-thick in the X-rays, and (b) to test the validity of the [OIII] Vs. 2-10keV luminosity correlation.
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Trimester(s) data taken 2006b

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