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Program Name Properties of Halo RR Lyrae                    
Christopher Stubbs [email]  [web]  
Co-Investigator(s) Sara Slater (Harvard), Gautham Narayan (Harvard), Armin Rest (CTIO/NOAO), Kem Cook (LLNL), Doug Welch (McMaster), Anthony Miceli (Argonne)


We propose to obtain photometry and spectroscopy of RR Lyrae stars extracted from the LONEOS near earth object survey. With over 50 epochs per field we are confident we have selected a set of 800 AB type RR Lyrae stars, with reliable periods. We found two populations of these objects, distinguished by different bands in the period-amplitude diagram and different power law exponents in radial density (in galactic coordinates). We propose to acquire spectra to determine 1) whether they have different metallicities, and 2) whether they are kinematically distinct. This initial proposal is designed to tune the approach we intend to use for an eventual long term program.
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Trimester(s) data taken 2006b

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