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Program Name Star Formation and Disk Evolution in Cep OB2                      
Aurora Sicilia Aguilar  [email]  
Co-Investigator(s) Lee Hartmann


In order to study the evolution and dispersion of protoplanetary disks, we wish to identify young members with ages in the range 3-10 Myr. For this purpose, we propose a systematic study using FAST of the brightest candidates in the Cep OB2 clusters Tr 37 (3-5 Myr) and NGC 7160 (10 Myr), in order to identify the cluster members. Our objectives in this field are (1) to obtain samples of stars with disks in different stages, to study disk evolution and its consequences, like planet formation; (2) to study star formation rates, developing star formation histories; and (3) to explore the possibility of triggered and seeded star formation in nearby regions.
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Trimester(s) data taken 2001b
Papers 2004, AJ, 128, 805

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