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Whipple Observatory
on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona.
(48-inch schedule) (CfA))
(60-inch schedule) (CfA))
MMT Observatory
on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona.
(MMT schedule)
Observing scat: Searching Star Catalogs
Preparation skymap: Making Charts from Astronomical Catalogs (Making Images)

Making Finding Charts from DSS Images
Data FAST Long-slit spectrograph [Data reduction] [Instrument] [Reduced Data Archive]
Reduction Hectospec Multi-fiber Spectrograph [Data reduction] [Instrument] [Reduced Data Archive]

SWIRC Infrared Camera [Data reduction] [Instrument]

STELIRCam Infrared Camera [Data reduction] [Instrument]

TRES Multi-order Echelle Spectrograph
[Data reduction] [Instrument]
Data rvsao: Computing Redshifts in IRAF (papers)
Analysis SAOimage: Displaying Images (papers)

WCSTools: Using Sky Coordinates in Astronomical Images (papers)

Image header manipulation utilities


Removing sky from spectra ( ApJ Letters paper)
Data Spectrograph Archives: [FAST] [Z-Machine] [UZC(both)]
Resources Sloan Digital Sky Survey CfA's local copy of photometry and spectra

Source Catalogs Including the USNO-B1.0, GSC II,
2MASS Point Source Catalog, and many more.
Harvard Plate Stacks Online Plate stack catalogs, observing logs, and images
Results 2MASS Redshift Survey
Updated Zwicky Catalog of Galaxies
CfA Redshift Survey
Large Scale Structure
Galaxy and Cluster LX-sigma Relation
Coma Cluster Infall Region
Nearby Field Galaxy Survey
Spectra of Supernovae
Resources Astronomical Links
Mt. Hopkins Interactive Tour
Weather (Current and Forecast)
Stellar Occultations
NVO Archives
CfA Radio Telescope Data Center