SAO TDC: Software and Data Resources

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center creates and maintains software to process and archive data from optical telescopes at the Whipple Observatory and MMT Observatory on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona.

Data IRAF Using IRAF at the CfA
Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

Observing scat: Searching Star Catalogs (papers)
Preparation skymap: Making Charts from Astronomical Catalogs (Making Images)

Making Finding Charts from DSS Images
Data svdfit: Removing sky from spectra ( ApJ Letters paper)
Reduction STELIRCam [Data reduction] [Instrument]

FAST [Data reduction] [Instrument] [Reduced Data Archive]

[Data reduction] [Instrument]
Data rvsao: Computing Redshifts in IRAF (papers)
Analysis SAOimage: Displaying Images (papers)

WCSTools: Using Sky Coordinates in Astronomical Images (papers)

Image header manipulation utilities
Astronomical DS9 the best astronomical image display program, written by Bill Joye at the CfA
Software SExtractor Source extractor, for finding objects in astronomical images, written by Emmanuel Bertin at Terapix in France
Elsewhere IRAF, the open source astronomical data analysis system, written at NOAO, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and elsewhere

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