Hectospec Reduction Pipeline
Bill Wyatt, 2006-Jul-14

Telescope Data Center
Hectospec Image
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This is the procedure for reducing Hectospec data as of July 2006.
Click here for a more detailed description of the components.
Write us to find out how to get the software needed to reduce Hectospec data.

The specroad script is the master program for the Hectospec reduction pipeline. It itself runs some of the processing, then calls specroadcal, which later calls specroadobj. At every stage, where processing of several images can be done in parallel, the scripts multiprocess. The default number of parallel processes is twice the number of cpus in the system, but can be explicitly set by the -j option.

specroad, specroadcal and specroadobj all take options:

-u   <UPARM>  - the IRAF parameter directory
-j   <# of parallel-jobs>
specroad -e cal     - skips to the specroadcal script
specroad -e obj     - skips to the specroadobj script
For the curious, the name derives from the FAST spectrograph data reduction pipeline, roadrunner.


  1. Get software installed or updated:

  2. UPARM must be set in the environment or on the command line!
    setenv UPARM ~/iraf2.12.2/uparm/   or
    specroad -u ~/iraf2.12.2/uparm/
    Note that if the command line option is used, the UPARM is passed to the follow-on scripts specroadcal and specroadobj, but UPARM is not set in the current environment. (This is the norm for all scripts & programs - they do not alter their parents' environment.)

  3. The PATH environment variable must include the directories /data/oiropt/starbase and /data/oiropt/bin.

  4. cd to the data directory (but not in the archive hierarchy!).
  5. Execute   specroad

Processing summary


  1. hscreen

  2. mapcheck

  3. hcalibproc

  4. multihproc (calibration phase)

  5. multihmerge (calibration phase)

  6. multicombine


  1. apflatten

  2. multihflat (calibration phase)

  3. multihextract (calibration phase)

  4. hcal

  5. hlin sflat.ms.fits

  6. maketran sflat.ms.fits


  1. multihproc (object phase)

  2. multihmerge (object phase)

  3. multihflat (object phase)

  4. multihextract (object phase)

  5. multihlin (object phase)

  6. multihscombine

  7. multihtran

  8. multihabsky

  9. multidoredleak

  10. multihsplit

  11. multiskyproc

  12. xcsao   and/or   multixcsao

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