SKYPIC Astronomical Image Generating Program

SKYPIC is a program for mapping astronomical source catalogs into images based on their numbers or fluxes. It is written in Fortran and C for Unix workstations by Doug Mink of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center. If you just need maps, use SKYMAP.


  • 1997 Seeing the Sky as Galileo Saw It, Doug Mink

  • 1994 Picturing the Guide Star Catalog, Doug Mink, in Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems III, A.S.P. Conference Series, Vol. 61, 1994, Dennis R. Crabtree, R.J. Hanisch, and Jeannette Barnes, eds., p. 191.
    A 9,334,080-byte FITS file showing the entire sky at 10 arcminute resolution was the final product of this work

  • 1992 Galactic structure from the Spacelab infrared telescope. I - 2.4 micron map Kent,S.M., Mink, D., Fazio, G., Koch, D., Melnick, G., Tardiff, A., Maxson, C. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 9, Volume 78, pages 403-408. [ADS abstract] [full text]


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