SAO TDC: Telescopes and Instruments

The following telescope/instrument/detector combinations have been available on CfA telescopes.
(Italicized telescopes and instruments are no longer in use.)

Telescope Instruments
FLWO 1.5-meter Reflector FAST Long-slit Spectrograph TRES Echelle Spectrograph Reticon Echelle Spectrograph (1978-2009) Z-Machine
Spectrograph (1979-1993)
AFOE Spectrograph
FLWO 1.2-meter Reflector Keplercam CCD Camera 4-Shooter CCD Camera
Minicam CCD Camera
STELIRCam Infrared Camera

FLWO 1.3-meter PAIRITEL Reflector 2MASS IR Camera
MMT 6.5-meter Reflector

Minicam CCD Camera (2002-2003)
Hectospec Multi-Fiber Spectrograph
Hectochelle Multi-Fiber Spectrograph
MMIRS Near Infrared Spectrograph Blue Channel Spectrograph Red Channel Spectrograph SPOL CCD Imaging Spectropolarimeter Megacam CCD Camera
MMT Cam f/5 Science Camera SWIRC wide field near-IR imager BLINC/MIRAC Infrared Camera PISCES wide-field infrared camera Adaptive Optics
CLIO IR Imager
ARIES IR Imager/Spectrograph Blue Channel Reticon Spectrograph (1980-1994)
MMT Reticon Echelle Spectrograph (1981-1998)
Magellan 6.5-meter Reflector (Chile web site)
Megacam CCD Camera IMACS Camera and Spectrograph (Tunable Filter) MIKE Echelle Spectrograph
MIKE Fibers
MagE Optical Echellette CorMASS Near-IR Slit Spectrograph MIRAC3 Infrared Camera
MMIRS Near Infrared Spectrograph FIRE IR Echellette LDSS3 multi-slit spectrograph Four Star IR camera MAGIC small-field CCD imager Boller & Chivens long-slit spectrograph PANIC Near-IR Camera
Oak Ridge 1.5-meter Reflector
Echelle spectrograph
CCD Camera
IOTA (Infrared Optical Telescope Array) (1995-2006)

Italicized telescopes and instruments are no longer in use.

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