The Updated Zwicky Catalog of Galaxies (UZC)

by Emilio E. Falco, Michael J. Kurtz, Margaret J. Geller, John P. Huchra, James Peters, Perry Berlind, Douglas J. Mink, Susan P. Tokarz, and Barbara Elwell

The Paper
(PASP 1999, 111, 438)

  • See the ADS abstract.
  • Download the paper as 562-Kb gzipped Postscript file.
  • Read Herzog, Wild, and Zwicky's paper about the original catalog..
  • The Catalog
    (19,367 galaxies)

  • Download the UZC as a 452-Kb gzipped Starbase tab-separated table file.
  • View the UZC format
  • View or search the catalog at VizieR.
  • The Spectra
    (for 10,851 galaxies)

    All-Sky Map

    Display UZC coverage on an Aitoff-Hammer all-sky projection All-sky map of catalog

    "Pie" slices

    These 135ox12o "pie" slices depict UZC cz velocity distribution:
    RA 08-17h Dec from -03o to +12o | Dec from +12o to +24o [Postscript]
    Dec from +24o to +36o | Dec from +36o to +48o [Postscript]
    RA 20-04h Dec from -03o to +12o | Dec from +12o to +24o [Postscript]
    Dec from +24o to +36o | Dec from +36o to +48o [Postscript]


    12 Dec 2001 Added spectra from the FAST archive, improved the UZC web search, and added access to UZC by ID.
    16 Nov 2001 Improved page layout, adding separate page for each slice; added web search of UZC and display of spectra from the Z-Machine archive.
    27 Sep 2000 Added all-sky map showing UZC coverage.
    30 Aug 2000 Corrected coordinates of 27 galaxies. Thanks to Jeff Mader of CfA for his cross-checking.
    14 Jul 2000 Added 115 new FAST cz from Mar 00-Jul 00 to the UZC. Only 215 cz remain to be measured with FAST to achieve 100% completeness.
    19 Nov 1999 Updated reference list for the UZC: (24 Kb)
    19 Nov 1999 Incorporated final corrections from Harold Corwin (mainly having to do with names of objects). Note that the catalog herewith (19424 entries) supersedes all older versions.
    28 Sep 1999 Corrected the UZC classes for 090439.3+181526 and 092319.3+163700; thanks to Patricia Bauer of CDS who found they had UZC class typos in the previous version of the UZC.
    19 Apr 1999 Incorporated corrections suggested by Harold Corwin (many thanks!).

    [Other Archived Data]