Telescope Data Center

Updated Zwicky Catalog Format

UZC RA 08h to 17h, Dec -03o to +12o, cz to 15,000 km/sec
The UZC is distributed as a tab-separated ASCII table in the Starbase format.
Column HeadingContent
1 ra2000J2000 Right Ascension (hhmmss.s)
2 dec2000J2000 Declination ([+/-]ddmmss)
3 ZmagZwicky magnitude
4 czRedshift (heliocentric km/s)
5 czeRedshift error (heliocentric km/s)
6 TType of redshift (Absorption, Emission, Both)
7 UUZC class 0-4
0: Nearest GSC object to the ZCAT coordinates within 180 arcseconds is a galaxy of appropriate magnitude
1: Nearest GSC object to the ZCAT coordinates is a star
2: Two galaxies of appropriate magnitude within 180 arcseconds
3: Galaxy of inappropriate magnitude within 180 arcseconds
4: No object within 180 arcseconds
8 NeNumber of UZC neighbors
9 ZnameZwicky name (Multiplets share a single such label)
10 CSpectrum source: (FAST, Z-Machine, MMT Spectrograph, X=low S/N FAST spectrum
11 RefZCAT literature reference number (blank if unpublished CfA data)
12 OnameOther name
13 M* if UZC multiple
14 NZwicky multiplet as reported by NED Pair, Triple, Group