Sloan Digital Sky Survey at the CFA Data Release 7

FOOTSERVER - Check if coordinate in SDSS footprint

The footserver program, located in /data/oiropt/bin, is a shell script that formats an input set of one or more coordinates, then sends a query to the Sloan SkyServer that returns an indication if each coordinate is covered by the DR7 survey. This is a command-line interface to the Sloan GUI found at

The input can be on the command line or the standard input or from a file, using the -f filename option. The coordinates must be either comma-separated or whitespace separated. The coordinates can be in sexagismal format (RA hours, Dec degrees) or both in floating point degrees. If any one of the input coordinates is in sexagismal format, the output will be entirely so. If the input is entirely in degrees, the option -s forces the output to be degrees.

Example 1:

Pairs of corrdinates can be input on the command line:
   footserver 12:04:22 10:12:33 16:38:12.2 -1:20:00
    ra              dec             run     rerun   camcol  field
    -----------     ----------      ----    -----   ------  -----
    12:04:22.08     10:12:33.0      3525       40        4    174
    16:38:12.12     -1:20:00.0         0        0        0      0
and the zeroes in the run, etc. fields denote that the second object is not in the Sloan coverage.

Example 2:

   footserver 175.0 30.2 120.3 -5.5
    ra              dec             run     rerun   camcol  field
    ----------      ---------       ----    -----   ------  -----
    175.000000      30.200000       5061       40        5    392
    120.300000      -5.500000          0        0        0      0

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