Image Utilities
These programs access and/or modify FITS and IRAF image pixels.

  • conpix Operate on all of the pixels of an image
  • fixpix Replace regions of pixels with interpolated values.
  • getfits Extract section of a FITS or IRAF image.
  • getpix Get pixel value(s) from an image.
  • i2f Read two-dimensional IRAF image file and write FITS image file.
  • imrot Rotate and/or reflect image files.
  • newfits Create new dataless FITS file with proper header.
  • remap Rebin an image from its current WCS to a new one
  • setpix Set pixel(s) to constant(s) in an image.
  • subpix Subtract constant(s) from pixel(s) in an image.
  • sumpix Compute total flux in a portion of an image.

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