Sloan Digital Sky Survey at the CFA Data Release 6

Spectral Line Data

The SpecLine.db starbase database is created from the Princeton group's spectral line reductions of the SDSS spectral database.

The Princeton info page is:
The database table has 22,480,122 rows, or 21 different line observations for 1,070,482 spectra. The file size is 2.8 GB.

The columns are:


The entry in the line column is a short identifier for the 21 lines below:

LyA Ly alpha 
Ha H alpha 
Hb H beta 
Hg H gamma 
Hd H delta 
C3a C III] 1908 <--(sic) typo?
C4 C IV 1549 
He2 He II 1640 
Mg2 Mg II 2799 
N5 N V 1240 
N2a [N II] 6548 
N2b [N II] 6583 
O1a [O I] 6300 
O1b [O I] 6363 
O2a [O II] 3725 
O2b [O II] 3727 
O3a [O III] 4363 
O3b [O III] 4959 
O3c [O III] 5007 
S2a [S II] 6716 
S2b [S II] 6730 

If a line is missing or not measured, the z, etc. is 0 and the z_err, etc. is -1.

The specObjID and objID values are unique across all the SDSS databases, so these can be used to locate rows in the PhotoPrim.db and SpecPhoto.db tables as well.

To get the location of the actual spectrum corresponding to a row in the database, I've set up directories of the plates containing the multispec files. The plateID, mjd and fiberID values provide a path to the spectrum.

For example, if the plateID is "649", mjd is "52201" and fiberID = "320", the file is

and spectrum 320 of that file is the target. See getspecid for a method of extracting the spectrum to your own directory.

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