Pyraf at the Center for Astrophysics

PyRAF is a command language for running IRAF tasks that is based on the Python scripting language. It gives users the ability to run IRAF tasks in an environment that has all the power and flexibility of Python. PyRAF can be installed along with an existing IRAF installation; users can then choose to run either PyRAF or the IRAF CL. The Telescope Data Center supports it via the Ureka environment making it available to all Linux users at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astropysics.

To use the Ureka distribution of Pyraf and IRAF-2.16, you have to edit your .cshrc file and a few more things.

0.  If you have a Python startup file in your home directory, rename it.

mv .pythonstart .oldpythonstart

1.  Add the following two lines to your .cshrc or .myrc file

alias ur_setup 'eval `/data/oir/Ureka/.ureka/ur_setup \!*`'
alias ur_forget 'eval `/data/oir/Ureka/.ureka/ur_forget \!*`'

2.  To enable the new commands, type

source .cshrc

3.  To move into the Ureka environment, type


    and all IRAF commmands should be through /data/oir/Ureka.

4.  Go to the directory where you want to base your operations
    and type


    You can also work in any directory which you have already
    set up for IRAF with a previous "mkiraf" command.

5.  Type


    to start Pyraf or


    to start IRAF 2.16

6.  IRAF help is available in Pyraf, though you always have
    to type the package or task name.

7.  To exit from Pyraf, type


    To exit from IRAF, type


8.  To leave the Ureka environment, type


9.  If there are any specific IRAF packages that you want added
    to the Ureka environment, contact Jessica Mink, and she'll
    add them.  The PyKE Kepler package, WCSTools, and the latest
    version of RVSAO have been added already.

Available IRAF packages are described here

Contact Jessica or check the forums on if you have any questions about IRAF.

Last updated 16 July 2013 by Jessica Mink