IRAF Packages supported by the SAO Telescope Data Center

colorColor image display package
ctioCerro Tololo optical astronomy packages
dataioData format conversion package (RFITS, etc.)
fastUtilities for SAO FAST long-slit spectrograph
fitsutilUtilities for FITS extension files
geminiUtilites for the Gemini telescopes
gmiscGemini telescopes miscelaneous tasks
hectospecPipeline software for SAO Hectospec fiber spectrograph
hmiscOther software for SAO Hectospec fiber spectrograph
ifocasSource finding and processing package
imagesGeneral image processing package
imcnvImage conversion package
keplerPyKE for reducing Kepler data
languageThe command language itself
listsList processing package
mscredMosaic detector reduction package
nicprotoFast CCD stellar photometry using QDPHOT
nmiscNOAO miscellaneous tasks
noaoNOAO optical astronomy packages
obslogSAO TDC observation logging package
obsoleteObsoleted tasks
plotPlot package
protoPrototype or interim tasks
rvsaoSAO radial velocity package (working version)
svdfitRemove spectrum background using singular value decomposition
systemSystem utilties package
tablesHST tables package
Pipeline sovtware for SAO TRES Echelle spectrograph
utilitiesMiscellaneous utilities package
wcstoolsSAO image world coordinate system utilities
xdimsumExperimental Deep Infrared Mosaicing Software
xraySAO PROS x-ray astronomy packages