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dspec plots and lists archived spectra or the ASCII files created by aspec. It works like pspec but starts in menu mode before plotting and allows data to be listed instead of plotted. Parameters are normally set using a menu which can be seen by typing <space> in response to the "dspec?" prompt which appears when you type dspec. The M command selects whether the data will be plotted or listed, the D command selects the data to access, and the N command selects the data to be plotted. This program is pretty complex, but quite versatile, though pspec is just as powerful for plotting from archive files.

If your search path is set as described above, just type dspec, and the following help message will appear on your terminal and a parameter file, dspec.par, will be created in your current working directory.

 DSPEC plots or lists a binary spectrum archive file
 or series of binary archive files.  The files to be
 plotted may be specified on the command line and the
 switches below may be set.
     sets reduced file number to plot (01000a)
   -d  sets archive root pathname (/ret)
   -i  sets instrument name (zmach)
   -average  sets averaging interval
   -smooth  sets smoothing interval
   -sample  sets sampling interval (  1)
   -o   sets order of wavelength solution (  7)
  -w0  sets starting wavelength in Angstroms (    0.0)
  -ws  sets wavelength span in Angstroms (    0.0)
   -nv(v)       turns off(on) verbose mode
   -np(p)       turns off(on) plotting mode
   -w(nw)       turns on(off) wavelength mode
   -nk(k)       turns off(on) cursor after plot