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aspec converts archived spectra to ASCII files which can be easily transferred between computers with different binary formats such as Suns and VAXes. If your search path is set as described above, just type aspec, and the following help message will appear on your terminal and a parameter file, aspec.par, will be created in your current working directory.
Parameters read from "/home/mink/Defaults/aspec.par"

ASPEC converts  a binary spectrum archive file  or series
of binary archive files into an ASCII file or files.  The
files to be transferred are specified on the command line.
In addition, several switches may be set:

  <list>   reduced file numbers of archive file (1-23)
  @<file>  file of reduced file numbers of archive file
  <number> reduced file number of archive file
  -d <pathname> sets archive root pathname ()
  -i <instrument> sets instrument directory name (INSTRUMENT=zmach)
  -l(nl)        switches on(off) ouput of comparison lines (off)
  -l <number> logging interval (  0)
  -np <number>  number of pixels per output line (  0)
  -v(nv)        turns on(off) verbose mode (on)

If you want to use the default values, all that you need to type is aspec RFN, where RFN is the reduced file number of the spectrum that you want to see plotted or a list of several reduced file numbers separated by spaces. The output file starts with an ASCII header with parameters selected from the archive file, terminated by a line containing END. An optional table of comparison lines may follow, then the data in a format which is selected according to the archive file data type and stored in the header. Standard f77 subroutines to read these files are contained in the files specread.f, specpix.f, and parms.f in the directory /home/mink/Libs/tdclib.

The default parameter file for ASPEC contains:

Default parameter file for ASPEC

SPECRFN=1	 / default reduced file number
RFNLIST=''       / list of reduced file numbers
RFNFILE=''       / file of reduced file numbers
SPECROOT='/'     / root directory of spectrum archive
SPECINST='zmach' / default instrument (zmach mmt echelle mmtech oroech)
SPECNUM=1	 / spectrum to save (1=object or 2=sky)
PCOMP=N		 / Save comparison line table (Y or N)
DIAG=N		 / flag for diagnostic printing (Y or N)