Archive Access Software

FLWO 60-inch and 48-inch telescopes
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There are several programs which allow anyone with appropriate permission to look at archived spectrum files. First make sure that either /home/mink/bin.sunos or /home/mink/bin.solaris is in your search path. Each of these programs runs from a local ASCII parameter file which is set up the first time that the program is called. If the program name is typed with no arguments, a brief description and list of command line arguments with their current values is printed.

All current parameter values are stored in a file called <program>.par in the current working directory, including many which cannot be set on the command line. Only those which you wish to alter need be placed on the command line. The parameter file can also be edited using the editor of your choice.

  • aspec writes an archive spectrum to an ASCII file
  • cspec is a utility used to add, subtract, or replace records in an archive spectrum file.
  • espec computes a radial velocity for an archive spectrum based on emission line positions.
  • pspec plots archived spectra
  • rspec prints single-line reports of archived spectra
  • sumspec coadds archived spectra to create a new archive spectrum