SAO TDC: MMIRS Data Reduction Pipeline

The MMIRS data reduction pipeline is an IDL software package designed and implemented at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope Data Center. It is a complete data reduction solution for long-slit and multi-slit spectroscopic observations collected using the MMT and Magellan Infrared Spectrograph (MMIRS)

The pipeline is described in the paper by Chilingarian et al. PASP in press.

Here we provide a tarball with the stable version of the pipeline code. It will be updated as the code evolves. The pipeline is freely distributed under the GPL license v3.

The only prerequisite package is NASA Astrolib

A quick start-up guide:

  • Create a pipeline control task file (MOS and longslit examples)
  • Launch IDL from the pipeline directory and run: "reduce_mmirs,'my_control_file.txt'".
  • In order to reduce multiple difference spectra and combine them, create several pipeline control task files in a new directory, call them something like my_target_01.txt, my_target_02.txt, and so on, then execute "run_pipeline,'my_directory/'". This command will search for all *.txt files in 'my_directory/', run "reduce_mmirs" on them, then it will combine all the reduced exposures using "combine_2d_pairs". Make sure that the "W_DIR" keyword in each task control file points to a different directory.

Last updated 01 February 2015 by Igor Chilingarian