SAO TDC: Computer and Disk Usage Priorities

We are not currently trying to enforce the use of the tdc system to only those with optical and infrared ground-based data. We do have a priority order, however:

  1. Reduction of MMTO, FLWO, and Magellan data
  2. Non-CFA optical ground-based data reduction
  3. Non-optical ground-based data reduction
  4. Everything else

We are beginning to have to limit class 4 items, and have more than originally expected work that falls under class 2. As future MMT instrument data flows in, we expect we will need to be more restrictive about use of the tdc computer.

Note that the cfa0 computer is identical to tdc except for the size of its directly-connected scratch disk space.

name:  tdc
cpus:  8 x 750 MHz
memory:  32 GB
Ethernet:  1000 Mbits/sec
/pool/tdc3 - 1.3 TB scratch disk for oirgroup, 90-day purge
/pool/tdc5 - 3.3 TB scratch disk, 90-day purge
/pool/megascr1 - 2.7 TB scratch disk for group megagrp, no pur ge