WCSTools Subroutines

World Coordinate System Subroutines

Subroutines to extract and use sky WCS information in FITS headers. These subroutines are in wcssubs as well as libwcs.a, the library part of WCSTools, and are used by the image display and browsing programs SAOimage, DS9, SAOtng, and skycat for translating between image and sky coordinates. For example, SAOimage allows tracking and searching external databases in sky coordinates translated from the cursor's position in the displayed image.

Source Catalog Access Subroutines

Subroutines to extract stars in a specified region from the HST Guide Star catalog, the USNO J Catalog, or a user-supplied Starbase-format catalog.

Image I/O and Access Subroutines

Subroutines to read FITS and IRAF headers and images and to access images with any datatype.

Processing Subroutines

Sburoutines used by the various WCSTools tasks, such as source finding and WCS fitting.

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