WCSTools Subroutines

Image I/O and Access Subroutines

FITS header and image reading and writing subroutines, including some FITS table support. (Changed from fitsio.c in version 2.4, 6 August 1998)

GetWCSFITS( ) returns a WCS structure used by wcs.c subroutines from a FITS or IRAF .imh image, reading only the header.
DelWCSFITS( ) deletes standard WCS keywords from the image header.

Subroutines to read and write values into arbitrarily-typed 2D image arrays.

IRAF header and image reading and writing subroutines. IRAF headers are converted to FITS headers for use by other programs and can be derived from FITS headers for writing. Both version 1 (IRAF2.10.4 and earlier) and version 2 (IRAF 2.11 and later) .imh files are supported for both reading and writing. (Changed from imhio.c in version 2.4, 6 August 1998)

Subroutines to extract values from FITS headers by keyword.
Subroutines for parsing RA and Dec strings are included.

Subroutines to implant values into FITS headers by keyword (and to delete headers).

Declarations of FITS and IRAF file access subroutines.

Declarations of FITS header access subroutines.

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