Plotting the USNO-A2.0 Catalog Using SAOimage and imua2

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image with USNO-A2.0

This SAOimage display shows the alignment of USNO-A2.0 Stars with a test image with a world coordinate system. immatch can be run to list matches between USNO-A2.0 stars and sources found in the image. The command used was

saoua2 test.fts -z00m 0.5 -histeq
where saoua2 is
saoimage -reg `imua2 -r 10 $1` -wcscom sua2_-ha_%s $*
Clicking the w key on the star closest to the center returns the following:
sua2 2.5, 8 December 1998, Doug Mink SAO  Find closest star
USNO A2 number  RAJ2000       DecJ2000   MagB  MagR Plate  Arcsec
1575.03025735 09:55:23.431 +69:00:49.26  16.4  16.9   38      2.00

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