Catalog Utilities
These programs search astronomical source catalogs both locally and across the Internet.

  • scat Search an astronomical reference catalog.
  • sgsc2 Search the GSC II Star Catalog (GSC2).
  • sua2 Search the U.S. Naval Observatory-A2.0 Catalog (UA2).
  • sub1 Search the U.S. Naval Observatory-B1.0 Catalog (UB1).
  • stmc Search the 2MASS Point Source Catalog (TMC).
  • sucac2 Search the U.S. Naval Observatory UCAC2 Catalog (UCAC2).
  • sgsc Search the Hubble Space Telescope Guide Star Catalog (GSC).
  • sty2 Search the Tycho-2 Catalog (TY2).
  • ssao Search the SAO Catalog (SAO).

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