WCSTools programs


Name of IRAF image header file or FITS file. This must be present.
x_range y_range
Range of x and y coordinate values to extract into the new image
x y dx dy
Center pixel and width and height in pixels to extract. If dy is omitted, a region (tt>dx pixels square is extracted.
hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss system dx dy
Extract a region dx by dy pixels around the coordinate given, where system is B1950, J2000, galactic, or ecliptic. This only works if there is a world coordinate system in the header of the original image.
-d directory
Write FITS file(s) to this directory.
-i number
Log rows as they are copied at this interval
-k file
Delete the keyword names in this file (one per line) from the header of the output file.
-o name
Output name for one file. If not present, the next available letter (a-z) is added to the input file name before the extension.
Write the new FITS image to standard output instead of to a file. This is useful for returning an image from a CGI-BIN.
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