SKYMAP 7. Future Features

Image Display

It would be nice to implement the image display under the X Window System to get a color image display, though this would require restructuring of the whole program. The graphic image display, as well as the color map graph and linear cross section graph, which were implemented in an earlier version of skymap which ran on AED color terminals, could all be plotted in separate windows from the command window. The latter two would bepopped up only when needed. If a color graphics terminal emulator where written for X, porting would be much easier as the image refresh function would be taken care of by the terminal emulator rather than the image display program.


More formats of ASCII catalog files will be supported in the near future. FITS table format (both ASCII and binary) will be added as well so that the large catalog files can be machine-architecture-independent. If appropriate access information is built into headers or auxiliary files, there will be no need to maintain separate RA-sorted versions of the SAO and PPM catalogs. This will also improve plotting speed near the poles for those catalogs as fewer entries will have to be checked. Support for HST Guide Star Plates will also be implemented.

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