SKYMAP 6. Hardcopy Output

Hardcopy output is available for line graphs by dumping a log file whose name is specified in the PLOTFILE parameter. It may also be specified by the > menu command. While the default file is skymap.plot, in the current working directory, it is safer to send complicated plots to a file in /tmp to avoid quota or disk overflows. This log file contains all Tektronix commands and character strings which were sent to the display between the time the P command was issued and the SKYMAP? prompt or cursor appeared. Output from the W cursor command, which enables the user to write text onto the displayed map, is appended onto the plot log file. The skymap.plot file may be displayed on a Tektronix-compatible terminal or printed on any Tektronix-compatible output device such as a plotter or a laser printer. A program, imtek, has been written to print this log file to Imagen laser printers using the maximum possible resolution by translating Tektronix plot commands to the imPress language. pstek is a program based on tek2ps which provides an identical service for Postscript laser printers. A hard copy may be made from inside skymap using the @ command, which executes the program specified by the parameter HCCOM to print the file specified by PLOTFILE.

Plotted stars and their positions may be listed to separate log files. These are specified by the parameters GLFILE, CLFILE, and FLFILE for the Guide Star Catalog, and primary and secondary catalogs, respectively. The se parameters may be set using the S selection in the menu for the appropriate catalog. Responses to cursor commands, such as source identifications, image coordinates, and map coordinates may also be kept by setting the parameter LOGFILE.

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