SKYMAP C. Dictionary of Parameters

Name    Data type     Description

AUTOGRID Logical       Automatically set grid intervals (y or n)

BAND     Integer       Catalog bandpass to read
BINSIZE  Real          Size of image pixel in degrees

CADDPROP Logical       Proper motion switch for catalog
CAPCOOR  Logical       Map coordinates in caption (y or n)
CBIN     Logical       Catalog binary rather than ASCII (y or n)
CCHAR    Integer       Stars plotted as 0=closed,1=open,2=constant circle,3=full,4=half cross
CCOL     Integer       Center column of displayed image
CDEC     Real          Center declination as dd.mmssss
CDNORTH  Character*64  Directory where GSC Volume 1 is mounted
CDSOUTH  Character*64  Directory where GSC Volume 2 is mounted
CFDIR    Character*50  Directory for source catalog file
CFNAME   Character*64  Input source catalog file
CGAP     Integer       Gap in display units for catalog sources if crosses
CLCAT    Logical       Print catalog name with number (y or n)
CLFILE   Character*64  File in which to log plotted catalog objects (-+none)
CLFONT   Character*1   Catalog label font (Simp Dup Comp Ital Term)
CLNAME   Logical       Label objects with name (y or n)
CLOBJ    Logical       Log object names (y or n)
CLSIZE   Integer       Catalog label size (0-4,-1=none)
CLX      Integer       Catalog label X (-1=centered, 4096)
CLY      Integer       Catalog label Y (-1=centered, 4096)

DISPINT  Integer       Value interval for contours
DISPLEV  Integer       Number of levels for halftone
DISPMAX  Integer       Maximum pixel value for image display
DISPMIN  Integer       Minimum pixel value for image display
DISPSCL  Integer       Type of scaling for AED or halftone
DISPVRES Integer       Graphics vertical resolution (High=>3128)
DISTLAB  Integer       Distance scale character size (0-4,-1=none)
DPHI     Real          Vertical angular half-extents (degrees)
DRA      Real          RA half-width in hh.mmsss
DSTAR    Real          Date for proper motion if non-zero
DSTART   Integer       Start day of year for loop (with TSTART) (IRT)
DTHETA   Real          Horizontal angular half-extents (degrees)

EDITCOM  Character*64  Text editing command
EOMDIR   Character*64  Directory pathname for EOMFILE (IRT)
EOMFILE  Character*20  File containing equation of motion fits (IRT)
EPHEMERIS Character*10 Planetary ephemeris name

FADDPROP Logical       Add proper motion to background stars (y or n)
FBIN     Logical       Background catalog binary rather than ASCII
FCHAR    Integer       Background stars 0=closed,1=open 2=constant circles,3=full,4=half cross
FFDIR    Character*64  Background catalog directory pathname
FFNAME   Character*20  Background catalog name
FGAP     Integer       Background catalog gap in open cross
FJ2000   Logical       Background catalog in J2000 (y or n)
FLCAT    Logical       Print background catalog name with number (y or n)
FLFILE   Character*64  File in which to log plotted catalog objects (-+none)
FLFONT   Character*1   Background star label font (Simp Dup Comp Ital Term)
FLNAME   Logical       Print names of objects (y or n)
FLOBJ    Logical       Log object names (y or n)
FLSIZE   Integer       Background star label size (0-4,-1=none)
FLX      Integer       Background star label X (-1=centered, all 0>star 3>nonstar

GSIZ     Integer       Size of Guide Star character in display units
GTITLE   Character*64  Guide Star Catalog title

HCCOM    Character*64  Hard copy command (to output file of Tektronix codes)
HELPDIR  Character*64  Directory for on-line command help file
IDSTAR0  Integer       Screen diameter for faintest sources
IDSTAR1  Integer       Screen diameter for brightest sources
IMDIR    Character*64  Directory for images
IMFILE   Character*64  Image file name
IRTDIR   Character*64  IRT data directory pathname
IRTFILE  Character*20  IRT data file name (usually for 1 observing period)
IXCAP    Integer       Caption x coordinate
IXMAX    Integer       Maximum display X (0-4095)
IXMIN    Integer       Minimum display X (0-4095)
IYCAP    Integer       Caption y coordinate
IYMAX    Integer       Maximum display Y (0-3128)
IYMIN    Integer       Minimum display Y (0-3128)

KEEPFLAG Integer       -1:all points, >=0 points with this flag (IRT)

LABAXIS  Logical       Internal use only
LABFONT  Character*1   Cursor label font (simp ital dup comp)
LABLINE  Integer       Cursor label line thickness (1-5)
LABPLAN  Integer       Character size for planet label
LABSIZE  Integer       Cursor label size (0-4)
LINESIZE Integer       Line thickness for labels (1-5)
LOGFILE  Character*64  Log file for cursor responses

MAGFONT  Character*1   Magnitude table font (simp ital dup comp)
MAGLAB   Integer       Character size for magnitude table (0-4,-1=none)
MAGMAX   Real          Magnitude scaling faint star limit
MAGMIN   Real          Magnitude scaling bright limit
MAGX     Integer       Magnitude table X display coordinate
MAGY     Integer       Magnitude table Y display coordinate
MAPCAP   Integer       Axis label size (0-4,-1=none)
MAPCOOR  Character*64  Map coordinate system (equatorial, galactic,shuttle)
MAPEQ    Character*10  Equinox and equator (B1950 or J2000)
MAPFONT  Character*1   Map label font (simp ital dup comp, terminal)
MAPGRID  Logical       True if overlay grid to be plotted
MAPINT   Real          Vertical grid spacing in degrees
MAPVINT  Real          Vertical grid spacing in Dec dd.mmss
MAPHINT  Real          Horizontal grid spacing in degrees
MAPLINT  Real          Spacing in degrees for dotted grid
MAPPROJ  Character*64  Map projection (aitoff, plate, mercator,gnomonic)
MAPRINT  Integer       Horizontal grid spacing in RA hh.mmss
MAPTICK  Logical       True if grid to be labelled
MAPTLEN  Integer       Length of axis tickmarks in display units
MAPTOUT  Logical       Tickmarks outside axes if true, else inside
MAPUNT   Real          Unzoomed vertical tick mark spacing in degrees
MAXCOL   Integer       Last column of image to display (at right by default)
MAXROW   Integer       Last row of image to display (at top by default)
MDIST    Real          Display units per millimeter for plate scale
MENU     Logical       Menu prompt before plotting (y or n)
MINBAND  Integer       Catalog bandpass to which to compare BAND
MINCOL   Integer       First column of image to display (at left by default)
MINROW   Integer       First row of image to display (at bottom by default)

NCFRST   Integer       First star catalog number to read
NCIRC    Integer       Number of computations in star circle
NCLAST   Integer       Last star catalog number to read
NCREAD   Integer       Number of catalog entries to read
NCSKIP   Integer       Number of catalog entries to skip
NDDEL    Integer       IRT minor frames skipped between reading (IRT)
NDREAD   Integer       Number of IRT minor frames to read (IRT)
NDSKIP   Integer       Number of IRT minor frames to skip (IRT)
NEWFILE  Logical       Internal use only
NFFRST   Integer       First background catalog number to read
NFLAST   Integer       Last background catalog number to read
NLOG     Integer       Logging interval for guide star access (=0 unless debugging)

ONCETHRU Logical       Plot only first pass of planet through field
ORBDEC   Real          Declination of orbit pole
ORBRA    Real          Right ascension of orbit pole

PCIRC    Integer       Number of circle computations for planet
PCSCALE  Logical       Plot color bar (y or n)
PDATE    Real          Date of observation (yyyy.mmdd)
PDLENGTH Real          Planet duration in days
PDLOOP   Real          Planet interval in days
PDSTART  Real          Planet start day of year (optional)
PFNAME   Character     Internal use only
PLAN001  Character*10  First planet name
PLANFONT Character*1   Planet label font (simp ital cup comp, terminal)
PLATESCALE Real        Plate scale in arcsec/mm (ignore if 0)
PLDIR    Character*64  Ephemeris directory pathname
PLOTFILE Character*64  Plot log file pathname
PLOTGRID Logical       Plot grid if true, else axis tickmarks
PSBOX    Real          Planet search box size in arcsec (0=no boxes)
PTICK    Real          Size of planet position marker
PTIME    Real          Time for pole of orbit (U.T. hh.mmssssss)
PTLENGTH Real          Planet duration in hh.mmssss
PTLOOP   Real          Planet interval in hh.mmssss
PTSTART  Real          Planet start UT time
PYSTART  Integer       Start day of year for planet (if DSTART=year)

RA1      Real          GSC right ascension limit (internal use only)
RA2      Real          GSC right ascension limit (internal use only)
REGTAB   Real          Pathname of GSC region.tbl file (hard disk=faster access)
REPLOT   Logical       Internal use only

SCALE    Real          Scale factor by which flux multiplied
SFBIN    Logical       Center  catalog binary rather than ASCII (y or n)
SFDATE   Logical       Date from ASCII center catalog (Y or N)
SFDIR    Character*64  Director pathname for center catalog
SFNAME   Character*20  Catalog file name for center star
SFOBJ    Logical       Object name from ASCII catalog (Y or N)
SPLIT    Logical       True if separate graphics window, else false
STARMAX  Real          Bright magnitude limit for sources
STARMIN  Real          Faint magnitude limit for sources

TIMECAP  Character*20  Caption for time stamp
TIMEFONT Character*1   Time stamp font (simp ital dup comp, terminal)
TIMELAB  Integer       Character size for time log (0-4, -1=none)
TITLE    Character*64  Description of image
TLENGTH  Real          Length of loop (hh.mmssss) (IRT)
TSTART   Real          Start time for loop (hh.mmssss) (with DSTART) (IRT)

UCP      Real          Unzoomed center latitude in degrees
UCT      Real          Unzoomed center longitude in degrees
UDP      Real          Unzoomed half-height in degrees
UDT      Real          Unzoomed half-width in degrees
UHINT    Real          Unzoomed horizontal grid spacing in degrees
UNIXCOM  Character*64  Unix command from menu
UVINT    Real          Unzoomed vertical grid spacing in degrees

XDIST    Integer       Display X for distance scale
XTIME    Integer       Display X for time stamp

YDIST    Integer       Display Y for distance scale
YTIME    Integer       Display Y for time stamp

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