MMT Observing Programs
January - April 2007

2007A-PA-07A-0115Jacobson, Pilachowski, Friel, SzentgyorgyiStudy of Open Clusters in the Apparent Abundance Transition Zone Rgc~10 kpcHectochelle
2007A-PA-07A-0260Hornschemeier, Mobasher, Trentham, Tully, Carter, Marzke, BridgesExpanding the Spectroscopic Completeness of the Coma Cluster with HectospecHectospec
2007A-PA-07A-0319Deliyannis, SzentgyorgyiHow Normal is the Solar Li Depletion?: Comparison to M67Hectochelle
2007A-SAO-1Brown, Geller, Kenyon, KurtzHypervelocity StarsBlue Channel
2007A-SAO-2Mamajek, Hinz, Kenworthy, Heinze, MeyerMMTAO/CLIO Survey for Super-Jupiters Around Nearby A-Type StarsCLIO
2007A-SAO-3Brown, McLeod, LacasseSWIRC EngineeringSWIRC
2007A-SAO-4Geller, Fabricant, Kurtz, Dell?Antonio, Ramella, WoodsMapping the Matter Distribution in the UniverseHectospec
2007A-SAO-5Hartman, Gaudi, Holman, McLeod, Stanek, Szentgyorgyi, TorresSpectroscopic Follow-up of an Open Cluster Transit SurveyHectochelle
2007A-SAO-6Ashby, Hora, H. A. Smith, Willner, FazioVisible-Wavelength Spectroscopy of Four Unique IR-Variable Galaxies???
2007A-SAO-7Rines, Vikhlinin, Reiprich, Ebeling, Quintana, Burenin, HornstrupEvolution of the Cluster Mass Function: Comparing X-Ray and Virial ConstraintHectospec
2007A-SAO-8Koenig, AllenDeep Near-IR Imaging of W5SWIRC
2007A-SAO-9Willman, Seth, ZaritskyNature versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2007A-SAO-10Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, HernandezThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Masses, Ages and Disk FrequenciesHectospec
2007A-SAO-11Furesz, Balog, SzentgyorgyiNGC 2244: Kinematics of Star Formation Near an OB AssociationHectochelle
2007A-SAO-12Allen, Furesz, Szentgyorgyi, Briceqo, Megeath, Thomas, Muzerolle, Calvet, Hartmann, HernandezThe All Orion Spectroscopic Survey: Kinematics and Accretion RatesHectochelle
2007A-SAO-13Koenig, AllenDeep Optical Imaging of Embedded Clusters in W5Megacam
2007A-SAO-14BoltonM/L Up and Down the Fundamental PlaneBlue Channel
2007A-SAO-15Furesz, Hartmann, Miller, SzentgyorgyiKinematics and Binary Properties of Young Unrelaxed ClustersHectochelle
2007A-SAO-16Barmby, Park, Fazio, Huang, Ashby, WillnerAGN in the Extended Groth StripHectospec
2007A-SAO-17Brown, GellerExtreme Metal Poor GalaxiesSWIRC
2007A-SAO-18Bianco, McLeod, Holman, Lehner, AlcockProbing the Kuiper Belt Size Spectrum with MMT/MegacamMegacam
2007A-SAO-19Landt, Cheung, Kleijn, JordanA Large Sample of X-Shaped Radio GalaxiesBlue Channel
2007A-SAO-20Nulsen, Owers, CouchOptical Signatures of Mergers in Two Cold Front ClustersHectospec
2007A-SAO-21Murray, Hickox, Green, Kenter, Vikhlinin, Jones, Forman, Fazio, Pahre, Willner, Caldwell, SternUsing X-Ray and IR Selected Sources to Map Cosmic StructureHectospec
2007A-SAO-22Chavarria, Allen, HoraAges, Masses, and Disk Frequencies in Massive Star Forming RegionsHectospec
2007A-SAO-23Koenig, AllenSequential Star Formation in W5Hectospec
2007A-SAO-24Marengo, Close, Biller, Skemer, Fazio, Karovska, Hinz, Hoffmann, Miller, KenworthyMMT/AO Imaging of AGB Circumstellar EnvelopesBLINC/MIRAC
2007A-SAO-25Latham, Szentgyorgyi, Torres, Furesz, Meibom, Sozzetti, Carney, Laird, MorseSpectroscopic Classification of Kepler TargetsHectochelle
2007A-SAO-26Baliunas, Giampapa, Sherry, Meyer, WoolfSunlike Stars in M67: Chromospheric ActivityHectochelle
2007A-UAO-E33McCarthy, KulesaContinued Commissioning of ARIES at the MMTARIES
2007A-UAO-E34Lloyd-Hart, McCarthy, Meyer, Baranec, Milton, SnyderCommissioning the MMT Laser Guide Star AO SystemLGS/PISCES
2007A-UAO-E35Hinz, Hoffmann, LiuNulling and Mid-IR Improvement and Characterization with MIRAC4-BLINCBLINC/MIRAC
2007A-UAO-G77Thuan, IzotovA Search for Extremely Low-Metallicity Dwarf Emission-Line Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyBlue Channel
2007A-UAO-L32G. Williams, Rhoads, Fuentes, MilneProbing the High-z Universe Using GRB Afterglows: An MMT Red Channel Target-of-Opportunity ProposalRed Channel
2007A-UAO-S1Tegler, Grundy, Romanishin, Consolmagno, Vilas, Cornelison, MogrenDetecting Ice Components, Surface Variegation, and Atmospheric Collapse on the New Icy Dwarf Planet 2005 FY9Red Channel
2007A-UAO-S6Hubbard, McCarthy, Hinz18 March 2007 (UT) Occultation by PlutoPISCES
2007A-UAO-S10Olszewski, Mateo, WalkerKinematic and Metallicity Structures in Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxiesHectochelle
2007A-UAO-S12Fan, Jiang, XuRed Channel Echellette Spectroscopy of z ~ 6 Quasars: Probing the Reionization EpochRed Channel
2007A-UAO-S13Herbert-Fort, Prochaska, EllisonChemical Abundances in the Most Metal-Strong Damped Lyman Alpha GalaxiesClue Channel
2007A-UAO-S15Heinze, Hinz, Meyer, SivanandamAn L' and M Band AO Imaging Survey for Planets Orbiting the Nearest Young FGK Stars: Installment 4CLIO
2007A-UAO-S17PotterMonitoring the Brown Dwarf Binary HD130948bcCLIO
2007A-UAO-S18Tremonti, Allam, Tucker, Lin, Shapley, Fan, Kochanek, Brinchmann, StraussA High Resolution Study of the 8 O?clock Arc, the Brightest Known Lensed Lyman Break GalaxyBlue Channel
2007A-UAO-S19Tremonti, Diamond-Stanic, MoustakasQuantifying the Impact of Starburst and AGN Feedback: A High Resolution Study of Extreme Outflows in Post-Starburst GalaxiesBlue Channel
2007A-UAO-S20Zaritsky, WillmanNature Versus Nurture in the Formation of the Lowest Mass GalaxiesMegacam
2007A-UAO-S31Apai, Meyer, Hinz, Kenworthy, Miller, Heinze, SivanandamImaging Planets around the Closest Stars: Revealing the Different Origins of Planetary-Mass CompanionsCLIO
2007A-UAO-S74Impey, Trump, Gabor, P. McCarthy, Elvis, Huchra, Brusa, Hasinger, Salvato, Schinnerer, Smol?i?, Casey, Lilly, ScovilleCOSMOS: The Evolution of High Redshift Galaxies and Super-Massive Black HolesHectospec
2007A-UAO-S80Malhotra, RhoadsHigh Redshift Ly? Emission: Smoke and Mirrors? High Resolution Spectroscopy of Ly? Lines at z=4.5rHectochelle