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IOTA - Picture Gallery

First light on the third telscope at IOTA: December 2000

Wes Traub: first light on third telescope in December 2000
Mike Brewer, Peter Schloerb, John Monnier, and Marc Lacasse
Nat Carleton, Ettore Pedretti, and Rafael Millan Gabet
The successful team: Nat Carleton, Peter Schloerb, Rafael Millan-Gabet, Marc Lacasse, Ettore Pedretti,
Mike Brewer, John Monnier, and Wes Traub (who took the photo!)
Nat Carleton and Peter Schloerb
Nat Carleton, Mike Brewer, and Peter Schloerb
Fringes at 3:15 pm
Fringes at 5:45 pm, flats
Fringes at 7:40 pm

Mount Hopkins: 1999 - 2000

Bertrand Mennesson moving shelter
Cyrille Ruillier with NICMOS Camera
Sebastiano Ligori, Irene Porro, Rafael Millan-Gabet, Uwe Grasser, John Monnier
Damien Segransan
Pierre Haguenauer
Pierre Kervella at sunset
Vincent Coude de Foresto and Cyrille Ruilier with Nicmos camera
Sebastien Morel and Mohamed Nafati
Thierry Forveille
John Monnier and Rafael Millan Gabet busy with making dinner
John Monnier and Irene Porro
Marc Lacasse

Meetings at UMass: 2000

Rafael Millan Gabet, Sebastian Morel, and Mike Brewer
Peter Schloerb and Mike Perlmann
Mike Brewer, Peter Schloerb, Sebastien Morel, and Mike Perlmann
Petar Maymounkov

SPIE Meeting in Munich, 2000

Markus Schoeller, Pierre Kervella, Andrea Richichi
Rafael Millan Gabet and Bertrand Mennesson
Bertrand Mennesson
Wes Traub
Ettore Pedretti

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