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IOTA - Site Logistics

Contacts and Addresses


More information about the Mt. Hopkins services and facilities   (by Nat Carleton, 1998)

Arrival procedures
Dormitory and Common-Building use
Vehicles - note the sign-out procedure! for shuttle service, read the FLWO Visiting Observer Guide
See also FLWO Visiting Observer Guide (includes maps of the area)

Site conditions

Geographic site location (see also memo about the geometry of IOTA):
110° 53' 05.73" (110.8849°) W = 7h 23m 32.38s
31° 41' 29.58" (31.6916°) N
Altitude: 8412ft / 2564m
(aerial view at Google Maps)
Sunset/sunrise times and other useful site information for Mt. Hopkins like local weather conditions ( current conditions graphs ) are found at the MMT Observatory. - The Ridge has a somewhat nicer weather page. -
Weather forecast

Basic IOTA characteristics


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