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Dormitory and Common-Building use

Your dormitory room assignment will be listed on sheets posted both at the Common Building and at  the dorm. Shift the sign on your room door to show "Occupied" for the duration of your stay; put on your light on the assignment board on the dormitory porch when you are actually sleeping in the room. There is for your food a numbered refrigerator space and a numbered cupboard in the kitchen, corresponding to your room number. General courtesy requires us all to be quiet in and around the dormitory at all times, and to be communicative and cooperative in the Common Building. Please be scrupulous about clean-up in the kitchen after every meal.

Housekeeping: Custodial workers, Monday through Friday, clean rooms and make up beds prior to your arrival. Any guest staying more than five days may request to have their bed changed and room cleaned.

Check-out time is 2:00 p.m.

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