Find Tycho 2 Catalog Stars in Image Region

WCSTools programs
imty2 is a link to the WCSTools imcat utility which finds all of the Tycho 2 Reference Catalog objects in a FITS or IRAF image and lists their sky and image positions. World coordinate system (WCS) information must be present in the image header to describe, in a standard way, the relationship between sky coordinates and image pixels. This information is used by the program to find the region in the sky to search and to transform right ascension and declination sky coordinate pairs to image coordinate (X,Y) pairs. Output is sent to a file called filename.tycho2 and to standard output if the -v flag is set. The Tycho 2 number is the HST GSC zone followed by the sequence number of the star within the RA-sorted zone. This number may change with each release of the ACT catalog.

Set the environment variable ACT_PATH to the directory where the root directory of the CDROM is located. If the environment variable is not set, the default is to look at /data/ty2.

The minimum command line is

imty2 FITS or IRAF filename
The same effect can be obtained by running
imcat -c ty2 FITS or IRAF filename

Command Line Arguments


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