Catalogs and Image WCS
This suite of programs uses world coordinate system (WCS) information in FITS and IRAF astronomical image files to extract lists of sources and positions either from the image or from catalogs of astronomical sources.

  • imcat Find and list catalog stars in an image.
  • immatch Match catalog stars to stars in an image if there is WCS information in the image header.
  • imgsc2 Find and list the GSC II Stars in an image
  • imua2 Find and list the USNO-A2.0 Catalog stars in an image.
  • imub1 Find and list the USNO-B1.0 Catalog stars in an image.
  • imucac2 Find and list the USNO UCAC2 Catalog stars in an image.
  • imgsc Find and list the HST Guide Stars in an image
  • imstar Find the stars in an image.
  • SAOimage Plot stars from a catalog over an image with a WCS.

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